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  1. RoguestarBlack

    Rendering issues

    I mean, Nintendo 64 had better rendered games... 20200713_091757.heic
  2. RoguestarBlack

    Rendering issues

    What is wrong with the graphics rendering in this game? Cars, helmets, track elements, team bosses, faces and especially gloves are always ao blurry. F1 2019 had that problem, but in 2020 this is so recurrent. Does anybody else experience this while playing on ps4 like me or other plataforms?
  3. RoguestarBlack


    My name is Vinícius, i'm 24, from Brazil. My favorite teams are McLaren and Haas
  4. RoguestarBlack

    Rendering issues

    Does anyone else have a really serious rendering issue in F1 2020? Facess, cars, overalls... Nothing gets rendered in this game. 2019 had that problem, specially with gloves, but now it's a lot more frequent. Why does this happen? Could it have something to do in my videogame configuration?