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  1. Time to give my two cents on this I think... This game has had continuous bugs since 2017/18... We've put up with it for 3 years thinking we'll have a game that works... and TRUSTING Codemasters as a whole to live up to as their name states, to actually be competent enough to code appropriately. Codemasters have made plenty of other games that have been absolutely fine... and keep them well maintained, I've never heard anyone complain about titles within the DiRT Series for example. They still have their small physics glitches, but nothing like this game has. It's just unacceptable that we have this many bugs throughout the only series licensed for the F1 Branding to be used alongside it. We've got nowhere else to go to look at realistic F1 gameplay, aside from mods for other games that aren't licensed and can't be made to their full potential. I'm sure if we had a working game, this game would be rated highly. You're giving us inconsistent games for every year that this has been made. It's beginning to get a bit silly. And for £60. We'd expect a game to be made better than it has been. You're pretty much just selling off the licensed part for a price.