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  1. diogotilim

    Bring back Delta Daily Challenges!

    Ok, but Rally is different from circuit, there is a saying in Rally that says. "to win a rally you have to be terminal," anything can happen in the short-time, very short-time rally, but if an accident happens you lose a lot of time, there was a year in the actual official WRC that Ogier before Going to VW, it went through the interim year of S2000, and there were stages that he was ahead of WRC cars and this also happens at present due to accidents. custom championship I count as matchmacking, I prefer it to be that way, but it's really limited, it's very reasonable for what they propose, but I prefer that way, and since cars don't stand side by side it's just the comparison of Time then could be open to all regions, since in case of leg would not disturb the opponent.
  2. diogotilim

    Bring back Delta Daily Challenges!

    We don't have any system to use ranks in Dirt Rally In fact we already have a rank system, but it works only for the purpose of distributing credits. Tell me how ranks would be used What I have in mind is not a ready-made idea, but an idea to be debated. In my view for the moment there are two possibilities. first all run together, as it is in the actual WRC, overall rank, and by categories, in this case in DR2.0, it would not be car categories but driver level, next to all drivers name will have a symbol referred to the rank she is qualified to pass, and at the end of each stage and stage, would have the trophies for the overall rank, and the trophies by category. Second possibility would be daily, weekly, and monthly events for each rank category level category, but I think this is less possible, but all this is what I said, not a complete idea and already finalized is just a topic to be discussed and find the best way to deploy it. Dirt Rally does not have matchmaking. yes, in dirt rally yes there are matchmaking, this could be very well used for special events, the problem was very poorly done, and is hardly used and this rank would be very useful for matchmaking. including the fact that it is not used is that it is closed by region, so regions that do not have a lot of pilots, so it has no use if it is open to all regions, I would prefer to play like that.
  3. diogotilim

    Bring back Delta Daily Challenges!

    ok, i think you're stuck in your opinion, and don't understand that, i'm talking about facts, this rank story is inevitable, and if it's not in the dirt, it will exist sometime in another rally game, about What you get from having a ranking system is undoubtedly equality at the disputed level, as it is in all competitions, both sports and e-sports.
  4. diogotilim

    Bring back Delta Daily Challenges!

    ok, I understand your opinion, but what I put in the agenda for the discussion is not opinion is a fact, in any competitive area, of any sport, or e-eport, the vast majority, I would say about 98%, has division of course, or categories, and of course the reason, you can't put a newbie to play with an experienced pro if you like to see how close or far you are to the top 1, ok, but this is also possible with a rank, The difference with the rank is that you will compete on a level playing field with riders of your level, even if only against the times. That said, understanding that iracing does it very well and is a path a path to follow without a doubt, it is inevitable, and it is what I see among friends who play iracing, try to evolve, have a goal to be fulfilled, this is all along with the competitive in any competition.
  5. diogotilim

    Bring back Delta Daily Challenges!

    all that you said is solved with a simple ranking system, in which the drivers will be divided by level, common in the competitive of most online games.