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  1. After having dumped several hundred hours into F1 2020, as well as previous installments, I have come to the conclusion that the current way of resource point generation from practice programs simply sucks. Can't be said otherwise. Currently you either get: Nothing, if you failed the practice program (like lower third of the bar usually) Half the Resource Points if you did average on the practice program (mid third of the bar usually) Full resource points if you did the program basically perfect (upper third of the bar usually) I feel like that it is annoying and
  2. I have been playing F1 2020 for the past entire year (about 400 hours) (using PS4 controller on PC) and I started several Careers/My Team savegames and every time I am about to max out the car upgrades in every department the car increasingly becomes an absolute nightmare during various practice programs. For example... Track acclimatization programs: When the car is not maxed out I can easily hit every damn gate on purple during the track acclimatization programs, but once maxed out every upgrade in every department it becomes damn near impossible to hit a good deal of the corners o
  3. Kinda doesn't work for me either. When disabling Steam input then it also disables the PS4 controller and it doesn't even recognize the controller in the game at all anymore. And I can't select it individually or anything because Steam is behaving stupid. And if I leave it on default it recognizes as Xbox controller. This is really some pure garbage right there on the side of whoever programmed that stuff. This thing should work after windows detects it and be done... but NOOOO game doesn't recognize it. Steam does some stuff that no one understands. Its ridiculous. Kinda makes
  4. A temporary fix that works at least for 25% races: At race start open the strategy window... then pick one of the default strategies and change it so that you do the pitstop one lap earlier or later (shouldn't make much difference in the total race time maybe like 0.3s or whatever)... so that it becomes a customized strategy. Close the window. Start race... Race normally and do the pitstop... then race to the end. You won't get DSQ'd. Used the workaround to successfully advance all the way into the 3rd 22 race season.
  5. Seems like the patch is out. I will check later in the evening if it works or not.
  6. Yeah well, I just entered with AI 50 (was playing F1 2018 on AI 60-70 for most part) and beat the front teams in Australia in qualifying in my team, so I guess I could take it up a notch. But then the weird DSQ from Tire change bug hit me hard and ever since I have toned down the AI a bit so that I could fit a 2nd stop every race to overcome the bug. That bug really kills the experience because I don't want to be DSQ'd at the end of the race so I cheesed the AI but then they obviously fall back like +20sek and more so that I can pit 2nd time. That isn't a challenging experience tbh. Just
  7. Yeah, I guess then it might make sense. But by then you probably have upgraded the facility which passively-permanently boosts your 2nd driver stats to level 3 each. And maybe even bought an actually competitive 2nd driver from the market. Somebody like Norris or Albon which don't cost yet that much but have very good stats for their acclaim/money. If they carry home at least 4-8 points every race you can beat Mercedes at the constructors championship without any problems in the 2nd or 3rd season already. I could have beaten them on my first season already if I had only one such
  8. So with other words... most activities are just temporary boosts for that weekend (at least most of them are put on the green + side)? If so that kinda is a waste of time then. Because if it only increases for example their racing stat by +1 for that weekend realistically seen it really won't make much of a difference for the race honestly. More like none. You'd be better off putting something else on the activity board like resource points/department morale or team/driver acclaim or money. Because in the long run you'd have to buy another existing F1 driver from the roster
  9. I have almost the feeling that this is intentional... to temporarily give your 2nd drive the edge. But tbh it would make sense if the stats stayed. Because how otherwise would one make a 2nd driver better... other than outright buying a better one from the roster.
  10. lol. After I cooled down a bit after the ragequit after my 4th attempt I actually made in my 5th attempt and this time almost with ease. This time I changed my strategy of instead of staying out as long as possible and trying to drive away from them I kinda waited for a gap in the cars behind me... (which where Bottas/Hamilton/Vettel) so I would come out right behind them after my 1st stop and then overtake them on the track with fresh tires. By sheer luck I came out the pitlane exactly with Vettel next to me in the first corner after the starting straight and he had to take back bec
  11. Meh. Any ETA when it is going to be fixed? Asking because I am no patience and motivation left to play because in Monaco it is impossible to do any workarounds like scheduling a late 2nd pitstop to avoid the DSQ and still win the race because there simply is not enough time in a 25% race to do that.
  12. Well from what I have tested so far it seems like the game doesn't recognize whatever tire you are starting on. At least for 25% races that is true. Normally in 25% races the game suggests you to do only 1 stop races... and if you start on softs and change to mediums for 2nd stint then you get DSQ'd saying that you didn't use softs. And vice versa if you started on mediums and use softs for the 2nd stint it says you didn't use mediums. So what I do as a workaround which has reliably worked for me is qualify in Q2 with softs so I start on softs, then change to a custom 2 stop strategy
  13. Nope. In 25% races I can perfectly overcome the bug by customizing the strategy at the beginning of the race to use Softs/Medium for 2nd stint and vice versa for a 3rd stint. Don't need to use hard to avoid the DSQ (but I can use hards instead of softs if their are the option tires, did that in Bahrain and it worked too but is slower). But I definitely have to do a customized 2 stop strategy. I can also start with the 1-stop strategy using Soft/Medium for 2nd stint but I then have to manually call in for 2nd stop to use the other tire. Whatever I do... 2 stop and switching to th
  14. Yes, I have found a workaround yesterday that works for me doing 25% races. Ï have found that the bug is the game basically not recognizing whatever tire you are starting the race on... so you basically have to pit 2 times for 2 different tire sets during race to make up for it: Qualify in Q2 with Softs (because fastest) (if you already did Q2 on Medium it's not a problem, it's just going to be slower and a little bit tougher during the race, did that in Bahrain because I didn't expect the bug to happen and was too late to change) Before the race manually set up a 2 stop str
  15. Well I especially wrote 25% races. There it has worked for me for 8-9 different races or however many it is from Bahrain to Silverstone. Haven't tested the workaround for 50% races. But if you took note of what the Tire regulation warning said in the pen ultimate lap then you could try adding one more stint (in your case a 4th one) using that tire of which it says that you lack it... and try again and see if you still get dsq'd.
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