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  1. With the addition of 3 new tracks to the calendar, will we see these tracks on the next instalment of the F1 Franchise? The tracks in question are: - Portimao (Portugal) - Imola (Italy) - Saudia Arabia Due to the pandemic was just wondering if Codemasters have plans to add these tracks, which they unfortunately didn't do last year. Here is the calendar for anyone wondering: (The TBC has been announced officially as Portugal)
  2. No this is not the case. I use a thrustmaster tx and have seen many people have this same issue so i do not believe my input device is whats causing this issue.
  3. @BarryBL The game seems to pause its self and then when i unpause it manually the ERS is unable to be turned off. Leaving the lobby and joining back resolves this but then it happened 5 laps later a couple days back.
  4. - every so often and it has happened a lot recently, the game will pause by itself and then when I unpause the game keeps the overtake on with no way of turning it off - Xbox Series X - 1.14 - Unranked - Wireless - 20 - no - Just me - cannot make it happen again - N/A - Sorry, don’t have one - yes here is the clip: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/sync-critch/video/122065663
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