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  1. Thank You @BarryBL, the issue has been fixed. Do pass our thanks to the devs as well. Would it be possible to shine some more light on the issue?
  2. 1. The Issue began around 21:00 GMT + 5:30 because i did unranked and ranked sessions around 17-1800 GMT + 5:30. I first tried to enter ranked. It says searching for session and then during the joining session error it shows NM14 error (I think it showed NM17 once but, i haven't been able to replicate it). Then, I tried to join an Unranked lobby and something that immediately stood out was the high number of sessions that were 'In Lobby'. Mostly, it just gave a 'Failed to Join Session' but, on some occasions, a KMR5 error was raised (do not have report code for this). I also tried rec
  3. Seems to be a widespread issue. I restarted all the network equipment on the way and my laptop as well. Same result.
  4. PC running the latest patch. Unable to enter any lobby. Error Code NM17 for Ranked and Error Code KMR5 for Unranked.
  5. I seem to be not getting 'FTLP' event in an online multiplayer lobby.
  6. I've read all the forums. I apologise. I missed LonelyRacer's comment.
  7. can someone point me to resources where I can find out more about calculating delta?
  8. I did read those posts. Still awaiting response from the devs. My only intention of the post is to make a case that there are people whose applications will be benefitted from an experience point of view. For example, we want to show the names of our players in our stream overlays. It's not easy to enforce drivers to pick a certain car. One mistake and the wrong info is displayed. Additionally, we need uniquely identifying data so that we can upload race results to our league website post our races. Currently, name is the most viable and 'fool-proof' solution. Every other solution has an extre
  9. @ThibaudPHP i just saw the pages. answering the question regarding other games which have a similar system, ACC have had it for quite some time. Additionally, the data was being sent in 1.03. but was removed in 1.05.
  10. Why aren't the player names send through the participant or lobby info packets? It just shows 'Player' instead of the steam Id.
  11. @BarryBL Can you provide Sector 3 time from the last lap? There seems to be some inconsistency in the data. When I tried to calculate the Sector 3 time by subtracting the other two sectors from the lap time, there seems to be an inconsistency of two thousandths. This is quite significant for my project as we are developing a purple/green sector display.
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