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  1. ragequit1

    Real Life drivers Items

    Yes it is, I'd start with f1authentics.com
  2. ragequit1

    Virtual Mirror finally in the game

    It's definitely available in cockpit and T-Cam view.
  3. Take it up with the developers and the company's market research team. Hint: overwhelming majority of users drive in T-Cam view. Now if I was to make a decision if there is VR support and spending extra money, time and effort on something that's targeted to a very, very small percentage of end users, I will probably also say 'no' to this project for now. There is zero evidence that would support a claim that the game would sell more with VR. I'm an example of it. I have VR setup but I still bought F1 2019 and F1 2020. As of VorpX gives you an alternative solution, then go for it.
  4. ragequit1

    F1 2020 PC required operating system?

    You may try to run it on Windows 7 but remember, that operating system is no longer supported and game developers won't go the extra mile to support anything on it if you experience some issue. My best bet would be Windows 8 onwards.
  5. I'm not here to argue about nonsense things like "no VR no buy" @KenanPalangić We are all entitled to our opinion. You gave yours, I gave mine.
  6. Comments like "no VR no buy" is what usually labeled as entitled sim community of hardcore fans. Listen. Like I said, it's all about your personal view of things. I have an ultrawide monitor, triple monitor and a VR setup as well in a dedicated simrig. But I am not butthurt about the F1 game not having a VR support. The new F1 game uses an engine that is very friendly with older PC configurations and consoles. So you are wrong about who can and who cannot run the game on the acceptable FPS on monitor. I know, because I tested it on different configurations.
  7. Also in minority are those whom PC is capable of running the racing sims in any acceptable fps. The company did the market research and currently they don't see a justification to work on something big like a VR support. That being said, Lee Mather said that VR is definitely on their long term plan, but currently their focus is somewhere else. You have to realize that this game is aimed also at casual players and not the hardcore - sometime entitled - sim community.
  8. That's a generalization and a false statement. I have no problem switching between VR and racing on a monitor. I actually know people who after trying out VR for months, went back to their triple monitor setup.
  9. ragequit1

    Thinking of upgrading to a wheel for F1 2020

    Practice, practice, practice and adjust everything what suits you. There is no secret formula, or good or bad tip.
  10. ragequit1

    Bug Reports

    Can you see the green bar on the top of the page saying "Want to report an issue? Have a bug report? Please look here first" Click on that. Edit: I checked the sticky post and everything you need to know is in there too.
  11. Pick up any of them and play offline, AI level 40, damage off. In all honesty I don't want to "race" against drivers with your mindset in online lobbies.
  12. ragequit1

    F1® 2020 | BETA Week 3 Testing News

    Do you see the Beta forum section here on the forums? If you don't then you weren't selected and won't receive a key. Registration for Beta was closed well over a month ago, so I don't know what beta did you register 2-3 weeks ago.
  13. ragequit1

    Buying F1 2020 to PC or PS4 Pro

    Those PC specs are more than enough to play the game in ultra settings at 60fps 1080p.
  14. ragequit1

    F1® 2020 | BETA Week 3 Testing News

    If you can't see the Beta forum section, it means you weren't selected and you won't receive any key.
  15. ragequit1

    Project cars 3.

    The direction PC3 is going is NOT Codemaster's decision. SMS CEO Ian Bell in this 2018 interview already said, that PC3 will be a spiritual successor of Need for Speed Shift. https://www.teamvvv.com/news/project-cars-3-will-be-more-of-a-spiritual-successor-to-nfs-shift/ By the way, the project cars community constantly dumped on the game, it was almost impossible to please them.