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  1. I recognize many of the names from the last year's BETA and there is a very good reason for that. Having 1000+ hours in the game could mean very little when it comes to proper bug reporting, focusing on particular areas to test and valuable feedback.
  2. Highly unlikely. You missed the registration deadline and there are no other ways after that to sign up to be considered.
  3. At this point, this is just a fun, meme thread.
  4. I'd like a good massage, my lower back kinda bothers me lately.
  5. I am not trying to be rude, but a very simple google search/youtube search would answer your question. There are many titles that has them as downloadable mods.
  6. I agree with this, although I have very serious doubts that would prevent this from the broken record which has been on top of the charts for the past week: "bEtA LiVE yet? Do YOu HAve the BETa CodES AlrEADy?!!"
  7. ragequit1


    Every time someone ask this question and opens a new thread, it will be delayed by another week.
  8. The official F1 games from Codies are just that: video game. Nothing's wrong with this. There are other titles out there that provide me with a LOT more regarding everything how it feels and drive an F1 car. I just had a race in AC against AI with the F310B in Spain in VR, no HUD, no assists. I never had a bigger smile on my face at the end of any session. Just absolutely amazing (the car and the experience). That being said, I still like Codies F1 game.
  9. I don't blame people being skeptical. EA turned everything into a microtransaction money maker whatever they pretty much touched. Oh and please don't be naive that if they paid $1.2 billion dollar to purchase a game developer company, they won't have any saying how the game's future will look like. Codies will remain the workhorse (coding) but the business decisions will come from a different board from now on. F1 2021 was already full speed in development when the acquisition happened so I don't expect much change in this year. We'll see what the future holds.
  10. I truly hope we get the GOAT 🐐, Mr Pastor Maldonado.
  11. Thanks BarryBL It's okay though, seems like commons sense becomes more of a rarity these days. In every field of life.
  12. The staff already stated that there are over 10.000 applications to go through. They have higher priorities currently than announcing every day on the forum where that process is.
  13. Money doesn't mean talent, but there are occasions when money and talent are delivered. Senna is a great example. Their parents still own one of biggest car dealerships in Brazil. They are loaded.
  14. Mazepin is not there to be the next Senna or Michael Schumacher. Haas put him in the seat in exchange for funding from his father. They never tried to hide this fact.
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