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    Racing auto

    Pause menu, Driving camera. Pause Menu, Preferences, Assists. Check the desired settings there.
  2. ragequit1

    Multiplayer car v equal performance car v grand Prix car

    Performance is equal. Track state, setups, time of the day, air temp are different for multiplayer sessions. Edit: Here is the post from a staff confirming this:
  3. ragequit1

    F1 Games

    Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix series, especially Grand Prix 3.
  4. ragequit1


    I highly doubt that a wind causes such sudden snap in a part of the track where there are building structures around on both sides. It more seems to me that with a DRS open and minimum downforce, the car is more vulnerable to a sudden steering wheel input in a straight line. But again, we would need to see some telemetry data and steering linearity setting, etc.
  5. ragequit1

    Resetting online ranking

  6. ragequit1

    Paul Ricard and COTA mess with my head

    I'm old school, bring back the gravel. 🙂
  7. ragequit1

    Trophy for League Medal

    I thought trophies are earned, not on demand.
  8. Last week at the classic car Australia event, I raced against 19 AI cars, probably due to where I qualified and my current rank. I'm fine with the featured event being in the Multiplayer section.
  9. ragequit1

    Traction vs No Traction - which is faster?

    It's embarrassing, I watch hotlap videos from reputable sources like the Veloce guys and when they go to the leaderboard and mentioning the cheaters that are residing in the top10...
  10. ragequit1

    No interviews post-sessions

    I'm with @stevetemp7 here, I wish I could just turn them off completely right off the bat. Same goes for cutscenes, etc.
  11. ragequit1

    Ai Difficulty

    Various, depending on the track.
  12. ragequit1

    Lap times in game vs real life

    I watched content creator Tiamerdruk (or whatever he spells his name) on YouTube, in his my team mode 110 AI set 1:15 qualifying lap in Monza. I think that's very unrealistic lol
  13. ragequit1

    My Team game and rankings game

    Ranked uses equal performance and it's based on the Mercedes. You can apply your own setups though. Unranked, depends on the lobby setup. Some set equal performance with multiplayer car or the 2020 roster with equal performance. Based on Mercedes in both occasions. Some unranked set 2020 roster with appropriate performance for each team that you would see in career or my team mode. To answer your question, your My Team car has nothing to do with ranked or unranked races.
  14. ragequit1

    35% Race distance

    To be honest, the e-sport series should race 50% distance.
  15. ragequit1

    Rear wing damage

    It's DRS failure most likely.
  16. ragequit1

    Ranking level percentage

    I think the matchmaking should be based on your skill level mainly, rather your safety rating. I understand that everybody likes to race with people who are clean racers, but once you reach safety rating S and you are silver rank, the pool of potential players to race against in any given time, significantly drops. Perhaps S ranks should get into lobbies with anybody above 50% B level also. Just a thought.
  17. ragequit1

    Ranking level percentage

    It showed in the 2019 edition, it doesn't show in 2020. The quickest way to check is by looking at your skill rating number in the lobby after the race, in the upper right corner, next to your safety rating. That will show your skill rating number adjusted after the race (either more or less).
  18. ragequit1

    League Racing Car

    As @janbonator pointed it out, in nearly every league the car performance is equal so it's really just a visual/fan preference which car you pick.
  19. ragequit1

    Time trials

    That's strange, can you post a short video of you driving and going to the assists menu right after it?
  20. ragequit1

    Learning Curve

    Well, there is a reason why Bristol Motor Speedway's nickname is the "The Last Great Colosseum" 🙂
  21. ragequit1

    Why cant I play if I have an A licence?

    This is a common issue. I'm 'A' license and barely can find any lobbies during US prime times. 25% ranked race distance lobbies are non existent, just forget about it. 5 lappers, maybe, if you're lucky. Maybe during European prime time would have better luck, but again, I'm working during that time obviously.
  22. ragequit1

    Things to look into for F1 2021

    OP mentiones that Zandvoort is not being accurate according to the track representatives. Can somebody link a source of this claim? Codemasters used Zandvoort's Lidar laser scan data for the first time for a new track so I don't understand where the inaccuracy is being present. Titles like iRacing or Assetto Corsa Competizione use laser scanning to bring tracks to their sims. Without laser scanning there is always some errors or inaccuracies. It is a time consuming process and some tracks like the street circuits would be logistically hard to laser scan due to being available only for a very short limited amount of time.
  23. ragequit1

    Pause function

    Besides the fuel mixture (3 different type), brake bias and differential adjustments, you don't need to focus that much on anything else, the other MFD screens are mainly just information about the car and its parts status, wear. The OT button can be mapped, since ERS is more simplified. In the engineer menu you can use voice commands by saying what you want to know, confirm, etc. Just say what you want to know, select or confirm.
  24. ragequit1

    Learning Curve

    Bristol and Martinsville are 0.5 mile long oval short tracks, both are very demanding, one of them (Bristol) has very high banking and extremely fast, the other (Martinsville) is flat. There is no "resting periods" during racing on the track, you constantly have to be on alert due to the cars are extremely close to each other at high speeds and a single mistake can result in a multiple car crash. Both races are 500 laps long.
  25. ragequit1

    McLaren Livery getting overlooked?

    I love the clean orange-blue Mclaren livery in the game. I know, I'm in the minority probably 😄