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    No german circuits anymore?

    Zandvoort is amazing, I really enjoy driving it. Hanoi in the otherhand....
  2. Can you do a short video and post it, I just have a strange feeling that your in-game speedometer is showing miles per hour instead of kilometers per hour and that might confuse you if you are not used to the imperial measuring system. It can be changed back and forth though in the settings menu, can't remember the exact place where.
  3. ragequit1

    Qualifying tires / Tires to start the race

    You're welcome.
  4. ragequit1

    Qualifying tires / Tires to start the race

    3 second Google search, first hit, quote from the Wikipedia: "Drivers may complete as many laps as they choose. However, the top ten drivers must start the race on the set of tyres they used during their fastest lap time in the second qualifying period. These may only be changed if qualifying and the race are held under different weather conditions, or if a tyre is damaged as a result of an accident. The remaining ten drivers are free to start the race with any tyres they choose."
  5. ragequit1

    F1 with 7 or 8 gears?

    I don't know. Some theory says that the brakes are rather pressure sensitive and not position based, which would make sense to me, but again, I can't find any definite answer.
  6. ragequit1

    F1 with 7 or 8 gears?

    My guess would be that due to some secrecy, all the media gets is just a sensor when the brake is engaged and that's it. They must have their reasons.
  7. ragequit1

    F1 with 7 or 8 gears?

    During last week's British GP he used 8th gear just like any other driver in the field:
  8. ragequit1

    F1 with 7 or 8 gears?

    I think this video explains the brakes pretty well:
  9. ragequit1

    F1 with 7 or 8 gears?

    Teams probably don't want to give out the precise brake pressure telemetry data, so it just shows when the driver is pressing it, but not showing the pedal travel or anything. Looks rather silly when a driver barely tap it to correct the car, but the TV telemetry shows 100% pressure lol
  10. ragequit1

    F1 with 7 or 8 gears?

    There is absolutely no evidence that he didn't use the 8th gear during his hotlap, unless I'm missing something in that video. What I saw is that he used the appropriate 7th gear for that part of the track.
  11. ragequit1

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    I ran the 2010 red bull car during the Japanese weekly event and it was okay in terms of downforce if I put in some high downforce wing setting, but I share the same feeling with @Lurtz about the MP4-13. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I'm feathering the throttle but the car wants to step out from under me even in 4th gear.
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    Every time someone asks for this, it's getting delayed by one week. So far we're looking at the performance patch to drop sometime around March 2021. Keep it up guys. 🙂
  13. ragequit1

    Unusual moments captured

    The revving issue is a bug and it was present and reported as a bug in the 2019 game also. I wonder if it's unfixable.
  14. ragequit1

    *** is the timer for if it doesnt do anything?

    2fast4yal English translation: too fast for you all 😄 😄
  15. ragequit1

    Time to Bite the Bullet

    Yes. It's worth it. T300RS, Ferrari F1 rim and Fanatec CSR Elite LC brake pedals.
  16. ragequit1

    Action packed races

    Failures, such as a tire failure is not a simple "fail after x laps" thing. There are variables, such as temperatures, driving style, lockups, track surface, etc that should be taken into consideration. Run a 100% race with same camber setups and driving styles and pace like the two Mercedes did and report back your finding. Also depends on what version of soft, medium and hard tyres you put on (C1, C2, C3, etc). I believe they ran the hardest (Hard, C1) tyre the past weekend, next weekend the C2 will be available to them so the race will have different wear and strategy elements if it's a dry race again.
  17. ragequit1

    Save Replay

    Thanks. Off topic, but iRacing let's you save full race replays (either online or offline).
  18. ragequit1

    Save Replay

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but full race replay saving is only available in offline (career, grand prix, etc.) modes. So the youtuber is just simply adding the saved replay on top of the in car video, using some editing software.
  19. Now, that was funny. Thanks for the laugh 😄
  20. ragequit1

    talking to jeff with headset

    I always say to my waiteress/waiter to pass along my compliments to the chef if I enjoy the food.
  21. ragequit1

    Livery mclaren obsolete empty

    Yeah, I think I'm out of this conversation. I don't speak your language and I don't know what you want.
  22. ragequit1

    Livery mclaren obsolete empty

    'Better tomorrow' is also part of British American tobacco.
  23. ragequit1

    Livery mclaren obsolete empty

    What? Velo is a oral tobacco product manufactured by British American tobacco company.
  24. ragequit1

    Bring Hülkenberg in MyTeam-Career

    Hulkenberg was brought back literally on less then 24 hours notice that racing point sent to him, but it should be a free agent in a game... I'm sure Perez's, the F1 and FOM lawyers are saddled up riding to Birmingham and giving the green light to Codemasters to this, with a new rewritten licensing contract that favors all the parties.
  25. ragequit1

    25% ranked is dead

    Oh I know exactly how online competitive ranked racing works, I am an iRacing old timer. They use the ELO system to award points and ratings based on the length and strength of field. I tried to research how it works in the F1 games but couldn't find any official statement regarding any of this. A clearance from the dev team would be nice indeed.