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    Pressure should be on to add new tracks

    These "give us X track now!!! No exCUsEs!!" are really funny. They belong to the Humor section on the forums 🙂
  2. ragequit1

    Some stuff

    I believe him that he's been watching F1 since 1987. But I bet he's not paying attention to what's going on on track throughout the decades 🙂
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    It is a friendly symbol, just ask Mr Bean.
  4. ragequit1

    Workroom i can?uffff

    Some people want to simulate free practices so the workroom is there for you to choose what you want to do. It's fine as it is, takes less than 5 second to press buttons and move forward.
  5. ragequit1

    AI at Hanoi Circuit

    In certain situations the AI just wants to get back to the racing line, no matter what and completely disregarding that you are next to them. Zero situational awareness. The second clip is a good example, Stroll just really really wants to get back on the track, trying to steer left.
  6. ragequit1

    TV-pod as an assist.

    I had no problem understanding what the OP meant by this request, but different strokes, different folks I guess.
  7. ragequit1

    TV-pod as an assist.

    The word you're looking for is "optional" not "dumb". 🙂
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    Why is the word Honda censored?

    Licensing agreements.
  9. The devs had access to the Zandvoort track LIDAR data so they used that as a base when building it into the game. As far as I know, that's the only track currently in the game that used some sort of laser scanning technology to model it to the digital form.
  10. ragequit1

    Gas and Brake Habits

    Driving a stock car on a traditional circuit or road course is the most challenging thing I've ever done (I drive them in iRacing). No grip, no downforce, it is like driving a boat, literally. I can't translate any skill from driving those to an F1 car, so I have to re-learn everything 😄
  11. ragequit1

    Add Mugello!!!

    Due to multiple factors, Mugello will not be added this year.
  12. ragequit1


    Dirty air is already reduced what they have in real life. This was cleared by @David Greco CM. The slipstream is fine too, perfect example was yesterday's race.
  13. ragequit1

    Weekly Event ruined again... so far

    That's fine, but don't be surprised if someone labels these threads unnecessary and moaning. Rightfully so in many occasion.
  14. ragequit1

    Weekly Event ruined again... so far

    I think it's the hostile and arrogant replies towards anyone who dares to question the need for these posts every day is what people have problem with, not the actual issue. Please contact the staff in PMs rather than creating new threads every day for the same issue.
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    Least Favourite Track

    Hanoi, Singapore
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    Stop yelling.
  17. ragequit1


    Caps Lock key got stuck?
  18. ragequit1

    Will Mugello be added in F1 2020?

    No, not this year.
  19. ragequit1

    No carry-over liveries from 2019?

    What do you mean?
  20. ragequit1

    How are you all finding F1 2020?

    I'm on PC and playing My Team only, so single player. I did not encounter any major issue or game breaking bugs at all, but I know that there are some bugs that are probably getting patched with the next patch. Hopefully next week.
  21. ragequit1

    How are you all finding F1 2020?

    I love it!
  22. ragequit1

    F1® 2020 - Tips, Guides & Tutorials (+ share your own)

    Try here: C:\Users\[Your_Username]\Documents\My Games\F1 2020\photos Edit: Looks like there is no screenshot folder under the F1 2020 folder, so open steam and go to Steam -> Settings -> In-Game and within that menu try to click on Screenshot folder. That's where you can change the folder too.
  23. ragequit1

    What camera do you use?

    Driver's eye camera in real life would be so much better if the camera had motion stabilizer. That would get rid of the constant shaking and give you more realistic view of the actual driver's eye, since your eyes are not shaking in real life 😄
  24. ragequit1

    What camera do you use?

    Speaking of this subject, I just had a thought that maybe there should be an option for private or unranked lobbies where you can set the allowed driving view limited to cockpit view only. I find it quite funny when people are screaming for more realism, but the overwhelming majority of users drive in T-Cam view 😄 The pro esports drivers should have cockpit view only during their competitions. But that's just my opinion.
  25. ragequit1

    What camera do you use?

    Cockpit, halo disabled. With VR I would enable halo because I can naturally "look beyond" it but with 2d on monitor is just an unnecessary obstacle and I am in no danger of debris hitting my head.