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    It's 160hp in real life too. Like I said, the devs got the data from real teams.
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    It's not overpowered. It was addressed by @David Greco CM himself who explained that the OT is extra 160hp that you get when using. There is no secret to it. Pure performance advantage.
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    Track limits system

    Completely agree. Top tier drivers in the game manage to go around insanely fast with minimal warnings or no warnings at all. Strict means white line to white line. Real life stewarding is very inconsistent you can't really judge anything from that and there is a bigger risk to use the kerbs, Mercedes good example in Austria a couple of weeks ago. Now if there is a clear bug where you are still within the white lines and get a warning, report it as a bug. I've seen only a couple of guys actually reporting legitimate track limit bugs, the rest was just moaning.
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    Black mercedes

    Personal preference I guess.
  5. I did test it in Hanoi actually, in the hairpin, turn 11. No problem to brake at the same point and taking the turn perfectly with ABS as I was driving without ABS.
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    Racenet issue

    Little off-topic, but what's the purpose of Racenet?
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    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    Hi @David Greco CM Can you please clarify or have an input on the slipstream effect and how accurately is modeled in game. I think I remember in the Beta days that you already cleared things up on this subject, but I can't find the post. Here is the post with a discussion that was just recently created: Thank you.
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    That quote is irrelevant nowadays.
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    Perez vs Norris onboard camera can give you false assumptions. Perez overshot the corner, compromised his exit, whereas Norris took it better and had more ideal exit and the advantage over Perez. There are lot more things going on in real life than just pure slipstream effect.
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    Allow lapped cars to unlap during SC

  11. ragequit1

    Fehler beim senden von Ergebnissen

    This is an English speaking forum, can you please post in English or use google translate? Thank you.
  12. No, there is no cross platform support.
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    Please fill out a proper bug report using the bug reporting sample. You can find it in the green bar announcement on the top of this page.
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    A few bugs to report

    Please post a proper bug report using the bug reporting template under the appropriate Technical Assistance subforum.
  15. I use my VR headset with iRacing too, but the no VR no buy nonsense won't make me not buy the F1 game. I'm enjoying it a lot on my triple screen (although not true triple support either).
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    Overtake button as hold rather than on/off

    I think in real life they have both options and it's controlled by the engineers in the pit lane. For instance this is Lando Norris last 2 laps at the Styrian Grand Prix. You can hear the engineer instructing him either "single press" or "hold for x seconds" https://streamable.com/f1vfsq
  17. Interesting debate. I don't care about microtransactions or cosmetics at all, but I understand the concerns that some of you brought up, like @hippoSURF pointed out for instance.
  18. I don't dare to play multiplayer until this issue is fixed. Hopefully rather sooner than later.
  19. I suppose in internet slang it stands for "microtransactions"?
  20. There is no crossplay support, no need to combine leaderboards.
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    Assist Nerf!

    The biggest complain so far is that using ABS seems equal to no ABS braking distance. I don't use ABS so I can't really say, but that's the most mentioned assist that is not balanced.
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    Mugello ?

    This topic had been discussed with staff statement for numerous times now. No, we won't get Mugello or any newly added track that may appear on the current season's calendar, due to technical and logistical (and possibly licensing) reasons.
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    F1 2020 Dedicated Setup Website

    Thanks for this website, but the site loads in extremely slow and sometimes even times out. Connection speed on my end shouldn't be an issue, I tried with a 1gig connection and with a 100meg connection, both times are extremely slow. Is there anything on the hosting side that can be adjusted regarding this? Thanks.
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    Fictional Tracks

    No, I'd rather race on real life tracks.
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    Red bull ring

    The Red Bull Ring has some more visible changes in real life, for instance running up to turn 2 hairpin, the distance between the track and the barrier on the left side is much wider now, also running down to turn 3, the braking markers in real life are now use the pirelli tire style rounded distance markers, that are for instance seen in Bahrain and other tracks on the calendar. Nothing game breaking, though.