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  1. What on earth are you talking about "automatic"? There are DRS detection zones and DRS zones on each track where DRS is available for the drivers, that he can open and close manually as he wishes. Once reaching the end of DRS zone, DRS closes. These zones are controlled and marked with sensor in the tarmac. End of story.

  2. 10 minutes ago, newjerseyananas said:

    Yea guys a i know what you mean, am not using any assist at all and i know i can deactivate it myself, and i would do it, if there is an option that turns the automatic close of the DRS off, hope you understand

    I don't think you understand how DRS works in F1. DRS is either manually deactivated by the driver before he brakes (which is an option for you in a game) or when the driver start pushing (even slightly) the brake pedal. The DRS zones are created in the parts of the track, where braking is inevitable to maintain safe corner entry and speed.

  3. 25 minutes ago, TRJoey said:

    I'm saying about 2012 version . It was a No for this years game 😉

    Liberty Media did not own Formula One back in 2012, if LM says NO (or the rest of the stakeholders), CM cannot do anything about it. But it was said like 1000x times already on these forums. And every thread on this topic promptly locked.

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  4. < screams for realism
    < drives exclusively T-Cam with every possible HUD available

    Gotta love the "immersion" and "realism" arguments. But I for one say, let them have realism: cockpit view only, no assists allowed with no HUD and sitting in car in came for long period of time in case of red flag. Oh, let's not forget actual real life simulation damage. I want these things to be non-adjustable. Realism.... 🙂 

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  5. 8 minutes ago, MattyH1812 said:

    Licensing issues is such a cop out response though, it's this invisible thing that is always used as an excuse and is totally unjustified. You pay to use certain things in your games, and you get repaid by people buying your games, that's just how it is. Codemasters ALWAYS use this excuse and in this day and age it doesn't fly.

    As for your second point, there are at least enough assets to have a solid base to work from. I'd be willing to bet other tracks in the game still use the same base assets from much older games.

    What do you mean by "cop out response"? There are literally hundreds of millions of dollars paid in licensing fees by the tracks that are originally scheduled to hold an F1 race and these contracts are for multiple years. So as much as you'd like Mugello and company, it's not going to happen. Tracks like Singapore and the rest that's not going to be raced on this year, won't get 1 year erased from these contracts, only shifting for another year. FIA, Formula 1 have to honor these agreements. Only if people would understand that Codemasters have ABSOLUTELY NO SAYING on what track they can add, release, etc. in their game.

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  6. While I'm sure that in real life is a blast to drive with these cars on this track, but I'm afraid that from a fan point of view, creating a good racing seems almost impossible. Virtually zero overtaking opportunities.

    This track was designed with a mind to create great MotoGP races and that's where this track delivers.

  7. Mugello looks horrible from producing exciting racing with these current formula 1 cars. Maybe a good hotlap track with nobody around. It was designed for MotoGP and delivers in that series.

    And no, these tracks are not officially in contract and licensed with Formula 1 so the possibility to add them to the game is zero to none.

  8. Strict track limits in game mean "white line to white line". Can you post a replay from the T-Cam view, your left tire probably went over (even by 1 milimeter) and thus the exceeding track limits.

    Note: Don't take the real life track limits as an example. They literally vary corner by corner with live stewarding - something the game cannot replicate.

  9. To make sure the pixel safety crew safely clears the other pixel debris that's dangerous to the rest of the pixel environment in a virtual world? Or what else the purpose?



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  10. Brake checking happened before, Alonso vs Coulthard, Nurburgring 2003, last chicane. If I remember correctly his telemetry showed how earlier he hit the brakes leading up to the chicane compared to the laps before.

    Alonso was a master of how to slow down in unusual parts of the track to throw off the rhythm of the attacker, as his defense tactic. The greatest demonstration of them all was Imola 2005, vs Schumacher. Absolute masterpiece of defense driving.


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  11. 17 minutes ago, Davidj7077 said:

    I could only quote the german motorsport magazines, but they are saying that the idea of racing at the Bahrain oval course was dropped. Instead there should be either two races at the normal layout or one race at the normal and one at the endurance layout.

    Edit: I should have looked that up first instead of writing what i had in my memory, the outer layout is indeed planned to be used for the second race.

    But after CM had announced that there will be now new tracks of the "new" season, i think that they should not do any exeption, even if the track is already in the game. Otherwise we will discuss this topic again and again and again...

    (and hopefully this thread does not develop in that direction)

    Indeed, CM licensed the tracks and drivers that were officially announced for the 2020 season. That's where that story ends.

    However, there will always be a topics here and there in the forums typed with all capital letters demanding some new track or an advertisement sticker to be removed that's barely visible. 🙂

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  12. 5 hours ago, Davidj7077 said:

    You mean the 6,299km/3,914mi long circuit that was used in 2010 and originally supposed to switch every year between the normal and the long version of the circuit (this idea was dropped since there was no added value for the spectators compared to the normal version)?

    I was also wondering if it is legally and technically possible to implement this version (this would add the "Bahrain long"-circuit to the "Bahrain short"-circuit).

    This could have been a missed opportunity for the keep-fighting-DLC since Michael Schumacher returned to F1 on this track.

    No, he meant the "oval" configuration of the Bahrain circuit that's never been used for an F1 race, it's ultrafast, times will be under a minute on qualifying and around 1 minute during the race. This will be used during the second GP: https://us.motorsport.com/f1/news/f1-to-use-outer-bahrain-oval-layout-for-second-grand-prix/

    The one you are referring to is I believe called the "endurance" configuration.

  13. Beautiful clean Mclaren livery from the game, I love it.

    By the way, Mclaren changes main sponsors almost on weekly basis. You are asking the impossible from Codies, only if you knew how many legal channels and other obstacles they would need to overcome to please the few who cry for "MClArEN, liveRY UPdatE, WHEN????"

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  14. People will recommend you the platform they are playing it on. I don't know if someone around here on the forums purchased the game on both platforms that could give a good comparison and provide unbiased feedback.

    I play it on PC with no issues.

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  15. 6 minutes ago, mantazzo said:

    As I got reminded on Twitter, Max actually has the same amount of GPs participated as Sainz, so maybe it's that. And Sainz has 66 EXP.

    That would make sense, however Norris has 27 starts, Stroll has 68 and the experience points is only 4 points between those two, Norris actually went up by 2. Are they taking into consideration top5 or podium finishes?