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  1. mouldy32

    Disappointed by AI mistakes

    2 races in and I love it, AI is incredible. I got 2 safety cars in Aus after Kimi lost it trying to pass me the carnage occured from their as he hit gio when returning to track who then cause a 3-4 car pile up seperately, think only one retirement as rest got to pits. 2nd one Bottas dropped it at turn one (nowhere near me) coming out the pits under pressure from another AI. Nothing quiet as dramatic in Bahrain but lots of small but noticeable locks and over/undrdsteers. I didn't play 19 but the improvement in gameplay compared to 2018 is incredible so far.
  2. mouldy32

    ShopTo preorder

    Obviously not a CM issue but just interested to see if Anybody else not received their shopto preorder of the seventy edition? Bit of a p***take I haven't received it but the schumi guys got theirs on Saturday?
  3. mouldy32

    Anthonie Hubert in 2020 game.

    To add I'm pretty sure I saw an interview where the family approved of it as a tribute to him and aslong as the family find it fitting it doesn't matter what the rest of us think
  4. mouldy32

    streaming F1 2020 before release date

    Take two minutes to browse this forum and you'll see this topic has been beat to death already. Short answer to your question: CM are working with streaming sites to bring these videos down as they come up. I imagine they'll stop now though as embargoes end tomorrow and early access officially lands Tuesday
  5. mouldy32

    F1 2020 glitchy?

    So you pitted already to swap to the other compound and it forced you to put for a second time? Or it forced you to pit once in total and swap compound? If it's the second one that's not a glitch that's the regulations, if it's the first then it's a glitch that needs reporting.
  6. No but you'd pay Tesco two days before you get it so it's delivered to your house on the day you want/need it wouldn't you? Thanks literally pre-ordering. Also I know no store will charge less than shopto do for pre-orders, so I get the game on day of release (usually a day early tbh) for less money and all I have to do is pay a week in advance?
  7. Schumi edition or standard edition?
  8. mouldy32

    Digital vs. Physical Copy

    I only brought the 70th edition but psn was £55, shopto was £42.85. I think the schumi edition was £55ish through them(?) Defo wasn't more than £60. Shopto are always ace with delivery on all preorders aswell, they've got a great rep of Friday releases arriving on Thursdays
  9. mouldy32

    F1 2020

    Are you kidding or being serious? YouTubers make money off other people's product, they have no "right" or "entitlement" to get it early. CM do them just fine by giving them the game and a product they can make money off. Also they're embargo lifts 4days before official release (10th), 7th is early access for those that have PAID for the right to get access to the game before launch.
  10. mouldy32

    Digital vs. Physical Copy

    Digital is fine, the only issue is cost. I won't buy from psn when they're charging £12 (over 20%,more) than the retailer of my physical PS4 copy. If it was same price I'd take digital.
  11. mouldy32


    *****.... This topic has been brought up, answered and closed twice already. Licensing says they have to use the official livery. The official livery is the black on. This means the black one will be in game. End of story, over. If you want to debate anything it's how many codemasters staff have been signed off work with stress as McLaren have just announced a tweaked livery also lol
  12. mouldy32

    Battle pass in F1

    I didn't realise you got VIP through preorder, that's cool. Really fair if you can purchase through in-game currency too.
  13. mouldy32


    1. Really like how that looks tbh 2. Because I mainly play career (or MyTeam this year) I'm not bothered if it makes the game at launch or not because by season 2 mercedes will have changed it back again. I'm sure CM will get it in though even if not for launch 3. Shout out to the poor guys/girls @ CM working crazy OT on this right now lol
  14. mouldy32

    F1 2020 Career Mode - F2 Regards

    I think it'll depend if it simulates an F1 season alongside your F2 season. So if you do F2 and start in 2019 I imagine you'll then get 10yrs after that. If you play the F2 as a 2020 season then only 9yrs after that finishes.
  15. mouldy32

    List of fake sponsors in F1 2020 (updated)

    I haven't seen the logos but a couple of this "fake" sponsors share name with legitimate businesses