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  1. We are CER and are looking for members atm for both div1 and div2 season 1 is coming to a close end and we are planning to continue with the league for Season 2 https://discord.gg/RSwT2qH join the discord server and contact 1 of the admins/owners for a trial/seat
  2. i get out of this that there is no fix and as soon as i tried the delete everything thingy it didnt work and i lost all my setups and my team stuff now
  3. Xbox Thrustmaster TMX Brake = Look back Wheel left = look left Wheel right = look right Unbinding buttons dont work. Recalibration dont work Creating new wheel setup dont work Hard reset dont work. UNPLAYABLE. how am i supposed to dont hit anyone in leagues when overtaking and having this glitch GET ME A DAMN FIX
  4. Schumacher edition Digital xbox store June 4th no gamertag: Wiardi18
  5. everytime i start the race in britian from my team career my game crashes and i tried mulitple things like restarting game/xbox pls fix this
  6. Wiardi18 - XBOX ONE
  7. wiardi18

    15000 pitcoins missing

    i am having the same problem on xbox my Gamertag is: Wiardi18 i hope this get fixed asap, Thanks @BarryBL
  8. wiardi18

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    done it and i hope i get chosen!!!