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  1. Description: Sound keeps cutting in and out when in an Xbox live party. Ku Report Code: PPTT-DEJE-HGGG-GCEG Platform: Xbox Game-mode: All modes [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here: we had a group of 5 in the lobby. [ONLINE] Were you the host: yes What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried: have tried different wheel/ headset combo but still too no avail. Any screenshots or video of the issue? Remember to add as unlist
  2. @1512marcel can you point us to the original post as I can’t find it and this issue is a massive concern and ideally needs to be solved.
  3. @BarryBLthis has been marked as a duplicate but I can’t find the original. this really needs to get sorted please as it’s a real pain when trying to listen to sound of engine/brakes. Seems to happen more when in Xbox live party but have had it when not in a party too.
  4. Have this same issue on xbox too. Is this by design? I hope not as it wasn’t there last year and doesn’t seem like there is this big of a bump in real life too. it really upsets the car as seems to go all along the track (I went wide on purpose to see if it was stilll there)
  5. It will work just keep pressing the button you want it to be and at some point it will register it. I had the same issue in the beta too
  6. I have the clubsport wheel and base and found that if this happened on the beta all I needed to do was switch it into pc mode (hold y and menu button on the wheel), and then switch it back and it then works fine. hope this helps people with fanatec equipment.
  7. Strict is actually just as it is in the fia rules. See attached picture. the reason they change in real life is they have a steward there and deem no time gained by running the curb. I will say they are getting stricter on track limits in real life too. But codemasters can only go by what to rules state.
  8. We have some space in our over 30’s league Saturday nights from 8:30 onwards. PM me if interested pal.
  9. Just checked everyone and the performance update does affect my team
  10. i have just had a look guys and Ferrari haas Alfa and racing point are all affected in current and new my team saves
  11. If your still looking pal we have a seat open we run an over 30’s league every Saturday night from 8:15 onwards it’s short qually and 50% races. let me know if your interested and I’ll send you the discord link
  12. We Have a full time seat still available if anybody is still interested
  13. yep ai subs are enabled as the ai will race for them if they can’t make it but I am unable to add another person to act as a reserve driver. The player trying to come in just gets the message that the league is full.
  14. @BarryBL any update as to what patch this will be updated on? Seems to of been noted with developers but nothing since.
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