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    When loading and using the ps5 version of the game this is very weak force feedback when using it in any game mode, however when the PS4 version is in use the issue has gone. I have reset the wheel and no issues have been fixed. It's like it's using the pad settings and not the wheel assigned, makes no difference with wheel disconnected.

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    Ps5 version on ps5

    • Game-mode?

    All game mode

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    Tried full reset of the wheel and latest firmware for the wheel but no difference

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    Start the game go into any game mode and very weak force feedback, not sure what the issue is as this is on ps5 version of the game and the PS4 one works as it should.


  1. 8 hours ago, CZPZ said:

    People in betas leaking gameplays and stuff. I don't know If its real but if it is I think official gameplay video should come out from codemasters now.

    They have been given permission to do this so they can get the game out there to many people this saves them time to focus more on the game 


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