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  1. I bought an NVIDIA GTX 2060. Actually I wanted to change to be able to play Red Dead Redemption II !
  2. Hi, sorry for answering late. My motherboard is in rev 1.0. But some news: I finally received my new graphic card (ordered more than 1 month ago!), and it seems to be ok! The topic is, for now, solved! Thank you for ypur fast help guys, really appreciate. CroustiZ.
  3. Hi, sorry I'm not flooding I'm juste updating... I desinstalled ma current AMD drivers to install 20.1.3, like yours @steviejay69 ... I have crash again... 😭😡 I give you the last rapport and the last dxdiag. Thank you.... DxDiag24.4.txt crash 24.04.txt
  4. update: ok it's already back... It's definitely during the rain, I'm fed up with this... Silverstone Grand Prix, it's raining, during the tests after 2 laps: crash. Really guys I don't know what to do... @steviejay69 yesterday you told me about the F1.2019_dx12 and direct 3D device removal, but what i could do? thank you,....
  5. Hi BarryBL, For now it's ok, I hope not coming back soon 😅 Thanks for your help
  6. Hi, I finally succeeded ! I don't know If the bug was from here but thanks to this video I could finish my Grand Prix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6y09XikJ13U it's the good new. I don't know If the bug is fixed forever, but you were right, by the way there was a trouble with my headset. I could finish my Grand Prix de France, and even my Austrian Grand Prix without any bug. To be continued..... Thank you
  7. Hi, thanks for answering. I hoped... I removed my headset HyperCloud, I played and I crashed at lap 10... This is the rapport. Where did you see that the error codes was between amd gpu and the hyperx? maybe i could delete all files about the headset but I dont find them in my local disk. thank you.... EGO Dumper.txt
  8. Hi everyone, I'm totally disappointed. It's the 6th time in a row I have exactly the same troubles, my game freezes and crashes in career mode, almost at the same time, during the Grand Prix de France in the rain, between the 10th and the 13th lap... It's written "EGO DUMPER" after the crash of the game, I send report everytimes. It's the first Grand Prix I Play in the rain, eventhought I already played qualifications in the rain and the bug didn't appear. I've already tried : playing in DX12 or DX11 shut off steam overlay delete the file harwaresettings run in safemode put all graphics settings in low all my drivers are updated run the game as administrator checked the files in Steam my version is 1.22 I'm playing on W10 with xbox pad. I think I"ve tried everything I could, except posting on the forum ... I give you my dxdiag. Thanks for you help, I'm very sad not being able to play this game during the period. (Sorry for my english) CroustiZ DxDiag.txt