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  1. Just downloaded this app and it's amazing! It's very helpful 🙂
  2. Lowest possible psi I guess? If that doesn't help just take it easier in the race and maybe favour harder tyres.
  3. Hello, I was wondering if you can still pre order F1 2020 with 10% discount if you own F1 2019? I can't find the news link anywhere from F1 2019 for some reason. I see only "F1 2019 news" link.
  4. Good luck everyone, great to hear we get more beta testers! Does "beta week 3" mean this week or next week? Edit. It's next week actually 🙂
  5. Looking so good, can't wait to play this! Mad respect to Codemasters, didn't have too much to expect from this year's game, they could have just done "F1 2019.5" because of this current situation and because this is the last game for this generation of consoles. Well done guys 👏
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