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  1. KierownikGD

    F1 Driver Stats Update | 21/10/2020

    Can I accept these updated ratings a bit later? In other words for how long will the mail stay in my inbox?
  2. Virtual Performance should be definitely tweaked. Still AI drivers can get much faster after the session end. Also while fast-forwarding the time in practice session and quali they're ridiculously fast. An option to spectate the rest of the race after a DNF in offline modes would be nice in my opinion. Driver performance surely needs to be addressed because in F1 2019 game Perez was an absolute beast while Ricciardo or Sainz were too slow. Oh and if the language files were back... 😉
  3. KierownikGD

    Update kerbs in F1 2020

    In Singapore kerb on the inside of turn 14 is inaccurate. Some walls are outdated too (like exit of T14, inside of T18) and turns 16-17 have been reprofiled in real life. In Mexico kerbs on turns 12,13,14,15 are too flat, Turn 10 is tighter in real life. In Baku in real life many kerbs are just flat unlike in game. In Silverstone there's kerb missing on the inside of turn 8. In Abu Dhabi there's sausage kerb missing on the exit of T20.