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  1. AI behavior in qualifying needs an improvement. It makes no sense that only drivers from the drop zone are going out for the second lap in Q1 and Q2. Also why are AI drivers still doing their laps after the session has finished? The other issue is their behavior in mixed conditions. I had a situation when in Q3 conditions changed and inters became faster than wets. AI went out on wets and before finishing their flying laps every driver went into the pits and session finished. Then on the result screen they had 2 seconds faster lap times like if they did another lap althought the session was a
  2. Virtual Performance should be definitely tweaked. Still AI drivers can get much faster after the session end. Also while fast-forwarding the time in practice session and quali they're ridiculously fast. An option to spectate the rest of the race after a DNF in offline modes would be nice in my opinion. Driver performance surely needs to be addressed because in F1 2019 game Perez was an absolute beast while Ricciardo or Sainz were too slow. Oh and if the language files were back... 😉
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