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  1. This is just silly.  Codemasters put full controller options for any controller in their F1 games.  Can't be that hard to do for Autosport. Is there any chance we will see a change before the game is released, or a patch soon after?
  2. Of course these settings should be available to all controllers.  That's the way all driving games used to be.  I have a Thomas Superwheel.  I've got quite a bit invested in it over the years and refuse to by a cheap piece of crap just to be able to adjust settings. I have a couple of friends I've been racing with for years that can't use a wheel controller due to physical limitations.  Codemasters and others need to realize there are a lot of handicapped people online and should not exclude them when making decisions about controller options.
  3. I have a wheel that wasn't supported in Grid2, but is in the F1 games.  I also echo Bob's question.
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