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  1. So, I'm having this strange bug that when I brake, the camera automatically looks behind, the same is happening with the steering wheel. The binds are correct, there is nothing on the binds that makes the brake look behind. The issue started after I play with the pad. Btw it is on Xbox and I can't find any solution, ty
  2. Yeah, only thing that works is using other account. For me it doesn't make any difference, but people that bought podium pass need a solution for it...
  3. Yeah mate, 1.05 ****** every wheel player, it's unplayable
  4. Giiibs

    Camera issues whilst driving

    Hmm, I'm having the same issue, is not a coincidence, sorry for the useless answer btw, but you're not alone
  5. Nova liga Brasileira, GGF1, procurando por pilotos interessados! As corridas ocorrem às sextas às 20:00h A comunicação é feita pelo Whatsapp, se tem interesse, contate DaviWill no Xbox. Aceitamos apenas pilotos que falam português _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Livro de regras: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HFHgiiKyZwYOnp3ytjGmIOZehnOqnRkkG8wb23CPrYw/edit?usp=sharing Obrigado pela atenção, boa tarde!