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  1. This screenshot just sums it up. All the negative reviews are including their horrible multiplayer experience. It's not a coincidence. Critic reviews are based on singleplayer only, and these reviews are pretty accurate - single works well, not my cup of tea, but is pretty versatile. And then multiplayer appears, with the worst network model I've ever seen.
  2. List of biggest leagues shut down (or with postponed races) because of desync in Poland: -Scigalka Online League -Polish F1 Series -Polska Liga Esportowa -Liga Parc Ferme These leagues put time and money into their work and they get that. Racers pay 80€ for this joke of a game, to get screwed every week because you either can't see people on track or we see desynced BOTs. We even came to the point when we tried to connect through Hamachi on LAN, but it was the same, because for sure you get desync on fckn LAN. There is no point playing this game. As I put 2000 hours into F1 game seri
  3. As I can see it's a topic where we can say something about the state of the game, so here's my word. IMAGINE improving the mechanics and feeling of cars so much, but yet produce so disappointing game in terms of multiplayer. -'Create a league' function is a mess. Why we can't add or deduct penalties after the results? Why we can't change the holder of the fastest lap since when you leave at formation lap you get FL of 20 seconds (also you have to either have a livetiming or swipe through race director to say who has the fastest lap if the issue occurs)? Also, why can't we deduct or a
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