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  1. @BarryBL I would like to know if the cameras available in multiplayer will be just these and if they will be customizable
  2. Odi1606


    I also don't think this is a problem for the FOM (not wanting the TV graphics in the game), I think they even support this initiative, but CM is not concerned with attaching them to the game and look that it's been 13 years that we don't have real TV graphics in an F1 game.
  3. Odi1606


    @BarryBLI would like to say that I have been playing Formula 1 since the 2006 version for ps2 and I miss the real TV graphics in F1 games made since 2010. OK they tried to reproduce faithfully from 2018, however it is nowhere near the same real chart. I know that there are a lot of players who like to play with a very close experience with what we saw in the broadcasts it is not for nothing that I prefer to play with mods on the rfactor due to the question of having the option of introducing the real TV graphics as the time tower with all the drivers the qualification and race graphics all of them faithfully reproduced. So I would like to leave a suggestion for you to make an effort to introduce them even if in an optional way as already suggested in this discussion topic as it would add a unique and incredible experience for a player who likes F1 and who plays for fun without the commitment to play online and compete in official tournaments, I find myself in the situation of writing this text because I understand that you should look more at the community since youtubers would not give this feedback to you since they don’t seem to care for the look of the game’s HUD and I see that this is something that should improve. If in the F1 Champioship Edition of 2007 you managed to reproduce the TV graphics realistically even with limitations (the time tower did not contain all the drivers) and it is highly acclaimed for that, I know that you at codemasters in 2020 can do it in a way that be perfect since the gameplay is very good but this great detail is missing.
  4. Odi1606

    F1 2020 - Engine Sounds

    The engine sounds really need to be improved, the sounds on rfactor is more acceptable than official game