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  1. TSRVerstappen33

    DGL F1 League

    Introduction: Digital Gaming League (DGL) PS4 League Are officially coming to near the end the end of there offical full season on F1 2019 and we have had our ups and downs due to of course drivers leaving unfortunately. So now we have a fully committed grid of drivers waiting and ready for F1 2020 so we can open another tier which will be own Silver Tier 2 This will be at 4pm GMT 5pm EU which will be the same time as our main tier 1 (Gold Tier) and also we are also looking at bringing in a F2 Cars League for people who are interested in them cars. Xbox league is in progress if people wish to join our Xbox league please leave a comment on this post! How to apply: Requirements: Discord (Mandatory) - This is a must as this is a main use for the league and you'll be able to keep updated on everything to do with the league Twitter (Optional) - Twitter is optional as we only update it with Standings and anything that needs to be announced on it. If you wish to join then please use our discord link here: https://discord.gg/qwaD3kp League Rules: Wealso expect you to be able to make 75% of league races and be able to perform clean racing when racing against other people in the league. All other rules are in our discord server Any questions please don't hesitate to contact me on PSN either my PSN is ASR_StormOcon or leave a comment on this post.