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  1. Hi, are there any news on this huge problem? On patch 1.09 (PS4 Pro) nothing seems to be changed...
  2. Yeah, same problem here on PS4 Pro, we have patch 1.08 installed. For us the problem happens after we advance the race (even in the first race of the league), we get the error message “the attempt to submit results failed.“ and then we are stuck at the race session. In our case the problem appears if we all retire from the race or if we all crash in the race.
  3. Hi, me and my friends have probably the same problem. After a race, if no one finish it (if we all crash or even if we all retire from the session), the first strange thing is that we see different podiums for example I see Hamilton, Bottas and another on the podium, but my friends see someone else like Ricciardo, Ocon and another; then after we advance we get a message that says like “Unable to synchronize the results” and in the league menu we are stuck to the race session over and over again. Are you aware of this issue? Thanks
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