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  1. Guys are you in the insider program? Maybe that's the problem
  2. don't know but my friend had exactly same problem
  3. i have same problem, when i start game with gamepad, everything is okay, but when i start game with wheel game is not opening
  4. Thank you guys, game is finally working! @Hoo@BarryBL
  5. this bug was already in beta, so it's about a month and a half
  6. I tried it but it doesnt work for me. Again i join lobby and after one or two laps it says migration host and everyone leaves lobby
  7. Me and my friends who also have this problem have vodafone, so the problem is probably only with people that have vodafone. We are from Czech Republic
  8. try reinstall game. It helped me
  9. I have same problem Issue: I join a multiplayer lobby and after 1 minute it shows migrating host and then all players leave lobby Platform: Xbox one s Wheel: Thrustmaster TMX Pro Mode: Social Play Report code: PERP-MSTB-BPAC-GTEG Error code: none, just shows that all players leave lobby and then i am alone in the lobby
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