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  1. Hello, I just reinstalled Windows, and it's working ok now. My gpu still is at 95% (1060 6go), but well, it works now. Thx for your answer anyway !
  2. Hello there. 1. Direct3D has been removed ! Reason : 0x887A0006. The game freezes, the sound keeps going, black screen, then total crash, back to windows with the error. 2. Patch 1.22 3. All game-mode. 4. I am able to recreate the issue. I launch the game, my T300RS is already connected, any mode, loading setup, drive for 1 lap, crash. 5. I see this problem since Sunday around 10pm during a league race (unranked) in Singapour, lap 1. Since this moment, I cannot drive at all. I did not touch anything on my computer before this bug. It just happened. 6. Troubelshooting : I've tried updating Windows, not working. Updating to the last Nvidia driver (445.98), not working. Realtek, already the latest. 7. Accessories : T300RS Ferrari wheel. 8. Everything just freeze, I can't take any screenshot or video. I hope that I didn't forget anything you need. And not have to change my gpu.. The game used about 45% before, but since 2 days, 95/100% of the gpu. Thanks for reading. Best regards. DxDiag.txt hardwaresettings.zip
  3. Kyusai

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Applied, can't wait to see the new mod !