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  1. it is illogical that Hamilton is licensed to wear a Ferrari uniform in career mode and cannot use it as a driver in the real season.
  2. virtually all helmets on the 21 have metallic paint tones. I think it's horrible. all I wanted was to be able to choose colors and material (metallic, matte or plastic)
  3. Original Xbox one (fat model) does not have HDR. That's why it shouldn't be able to change in the game, because it's not even activated.
  4. i have Xbox one and i had the same problem yesterday
  5. The formula 1 rule says that you are required to return 2 sets of worn tires after each FP. Problem if you crash FP1 automatically the game removes your hard and medium compound. Makes you do the rest of the FP with 4 sets of softs. Is it hard to have an option for the player to choose which tire will return after each FP?
  6. I could remove Monaco's walls and guardrail too, as I always hit them. 😛
  7. yes, I was actually doing it. Thank you very much
  8. with the new update racing fuel consumption is broken. The car is using almost twice the recommended fuel per lap... apparently the consumption training data do not match the race. Does anyone know if solo career mode has the same problem?
  9. this imbalance of difficulty is annoying. having to play 92 of difficulty on one track and 77 on the other, is not comfortable at all. mainly in coop mode
  10. this is not possible, having a 2p only as a spectator. When 2p is DNF, it automatically goes into spectator mode until the other player completes P, Q or R. One solution is for you to always play 2p by abandoning events. bad for immersion, have a car missing.
  11. wonderful, now the replays have become a big moving blur. this is ridiculous
  12. Game requires each new save to create a driver profile. This is annoying, at least you have the option to copy and paste from another profile. I always forget to change my helmet at team headquarters, I'm a few Race weeks with a wrong helmet.😛 I miss the various general profiles of the F1 20
  13. Yes, in online modes it seems that the graphical quality gets even worse... Having just played f1 2020, comparing, feels the blow of the graphical downgrade.
  14. Yes, the resolution drops on the race and the FPS is unstable. At breakpoint, in races in Australia, it's the worst in terms of resolution/FPS. Xbox one game too
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