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  1. Honestly it depends on platform and assist in my opinion I bought f1 2020 on both Xbox and PC and there was a significant difference in terms of downforce mainly understeer on PC basically non existing and on Xbox understeer like crazy... what is really needed on Xbox is getting a fully wheel update basically like PC where you can update your wheel over thrustmaster website because this understeer has been there for 4 years like then because as others here also said abs users are more often on the top of the leaderboard if you turn abs on the car has fir some reason much more front grip
  2. In my opinion abs is the most overpowered thing on the game I drive for 3 f1 games now with no assist and my Bahrain time was a 25.4 with no assist my mates with assist do better times like 24.9-25.0 I decided to turn on abs and on the very 1st lap I do a 25.1 sorry but ***
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