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  1. I have delayed my purchase. I'm not buying it until the three new tracks are in the game.
  2. If they have a contract to abide by then that's fair enough, but it's just frustrating.
  3. That's why the game should've been pushed back until they were done. I'm sure people would've understood if Codemasters pushed it back to put the tracks in. Plus, by the time the new tracks are in the game, the game will probably be a little cheaper. So people are paying more for an incomplete game than they potentially will be for the finished product.
  4. I am extremely annoyed about the game being released when it is essentially unfinished with tracks missing. If I'm going to pay full price for an official game then I EXPECT all the tracks to be in the game from day one. I am not paying 55 quid for an unfinished game. If Codies had said 'Guys, we're going to delay the launch so that the 3 new tracks can be in the game from day one,' that would've been understandable, and nobody would've minded. But instead they just decided to release a game when it wasn't fully complete. Do you understand how lazy that looks? I underst
  5. I agree. This is the worst podium pass season yet. There is NOTHING in it which is even close to being somewhat good. I think it just needs to be scrapped.
  6. It's just a different layout though, not an entirely new circuit.
  7. I feel like Bahrain Outer would be a really great layout to have in the game, either alongside the existing Bahrain Short layout or replacing it entirely. Plus, if it's possible, it would be cool if we could add Bahrain Outer to our MyTeam saves when doing short seasons.
  8. I might call my team Vision Racing. The reason behind this is when I first played MotoGP 10/11, which also had a sort of 'My Team' career, I called my team Vision Honda, since the first bike you get in that game was a Honda.
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