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  1. Looks like my mum works at Gamespot judging by the driving.
  2. That for me wouold be a complete waste of time and resource, and I think so for many others.  There's likely to be less than 1% of the community who'll use this.  Last think I want to hear my mate saying is "sorry lad, I meant 1 left tightens, not 6 left opens.
  3. It could be absolutely anything! Text chat for online (PVP), any car any track, ability to edit name tags into windows, manual choice of playlists session.  I hope all is revealed soon!
  4. Go and play grid autosport, seems the norm over there. 
  5. I think Asysnc is similar to how the daily's run now, meaning you play the same stage but at different times.  Maybe the other ones are for actaul real-time rallying as per recent dirt series?
  6. Everything that gor said. Grid 1 was the best because it was purely skill based.  No vehicle setups, no tuning or upgrades. 
  7. That'll explain Monstro's ban then haha :) Good to see anti-cheat finally up and running!
  8. That's because Grid 2 was garbage.  No place for drifting your Bug in Autosport I'm afraid.
  9. Yeah I dunno what the deal is with the camera.  I'm recording on default shadowplay settings and rendering 720p in Win Movie Maker. 
  10. Ah bloody Bathurst, I'm sick of that track!  Posted a 2.08.140 - but will let my fellow racers judge the final left hander as you come off the hill onto the long straight :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acXd_CyvNrA&feature=youtu.be
  11. Yep, always happens on the 3rd event of a race or time attack for me.  ...custom cup obviously...
  12. The problem you have with that is nobody will post until the last daywhich is kind of boring.  As far as I'm concerned, if you have the time to invest in the game, record and post as many as you like
  13. I think we had the winner decide on next combo but don't quote me on that.  Perhaps if we go the thread voting option, we get the top 3 places from previous round to post their combo's and we vote on those? Just choose whatever for week 1 and go from there - perhaps ending next Friday for lap entries, put up a vote for the weekend on next 3 combos and begin round on the Monday through to Friday.  Rinse and repeat etc
  14. Would it be an idea to create a seperate thread for each week for the car/track combo we choose?  Just be a bit easier to find for everyone.  Maybe even put up a voting option within the thread for a bit of democracy on combo selection.  Just a thought but don't want to make it complicated.
  15. I'm not sure how this assists things work in terms of impact on upgrades - never even heard about this before..?  If that's the case, if everyone just uses ABS as a general rule and whatever else they choose as their preference, would that mean its fair for everyone then in terms of non-working upgrades?  Just thinking of those who do use assists will have a learning curve to overcome just to be competitive, or be put off from this altogether. Loved this comeptition in Grid 1 and Dirt 3 - we had clear and specific rules!
  16. They won't put another sierra in there, they're not that stupid!
  17. I hope all the wall riders and corner cutters are banned from it, myself included.  If not, mines going to the charity shop. 
  18. But where does that stop?  What if someone touches a wall and slides along it, but aren't intentionally wall riding?  They may raise an issue with CM/Intel if they are in contention for a prize and their times disallowed, as will many others.  It just can't be policed properly, it's not in the current T&C's and that's why they cannot retrospectively say it is not allowed.
  19. They did answer, justbiglee posted the T&C's.  The whole competition is governed by what is in there.  They do not mention wall riding, probably because it is impossible to police.  Anyhow, fact remains, they won't say yes because they don't want to advertise the fact that they will allow glitching.  They won't say no because it is not in the T&C's, therefore, they cannot change it. What they should of done is tested the track and see if there was anyway to exploit it but I guess that's leesons learnt on their part.  As you mentioned the other day @dirt3joe‌
  20. Guys, they cannot penalise for wall riding, its not in the T&C's of the competition.  As sad as it is, thats the way it is.  Nobody from CM/Intel are going to go through all the ghost laps to check for wall riding.  It's too labour intensive for someone to sit there and go through 7 mins of footage per racer in the top 10.  They just can't govern the wall riding and glitching and that's why this competition has become a farce.  For proper game cheats, I expect they will have a programme that will highlight data inconsistencies and that's how they find the speed h
  21. It probably damages eveyone steering, it did mine.  I was still 4 seconds faster than my gitch free time.  I can only guess your not timing it right.
  22. We're complaining because it shouldn't be allowed.  They need to look at their T&C's for future competitions or make sure they pick tracks that can't be glitched.  I wouldn't mind but wall riding was rife on Shibuya in Grid 1 so you would expect the feedback they got on the forum at the time would be a key thing to check in upcoming games.  Again, I go back to the testing of the game as these things should be picked up during QA. 
  23. You can't be banned mate - the T&C's of the competition doesn't mention game glitches.  They class cheating as modded game files or 3rd party programmes running with Grid.  Wall riding is abusing what the developers put in the game, therfore it's not cheating.  It's just frowned upon and isn't in the spirit of a racing game.  For the record too, you won't see any other wall rides or track cuts in any of my ghost laps because it annoys me just as much as cheating.  CM forced my hand to actually abuse the game glitches to stay with the top guys on PC in the hope of
  24. I've been mentioning this bug since Grid 1 - had it on 3 different PC builds over the years too.  Still have it in Autosport as well.  CM don't even acknowledge it as a problem, its never received any recognition as a bug fix.  For me it must be built into the engine and they just can't fix it.  Roll on the next gaming engine because if bugs like this are still an issue, I'll surely be moving away from CM games.
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