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  1. @BarryBL Any feedback on this? The bug is still present since months, only way around it is to wait for the timer to run out without giving up the session early. I'm not sure how easy it is to replicate alone since it does not happen all the time, but if you have a session with 20 drivers and they all give up early there should be at least one driver with this issue. Also there is a bug which leads to other drivers having a different timer (the timer of the session) to the host. This happens when a driver has a disconnect in a quali session, when rejoining the timer
  2. Sad to hear that, but it is what it is and I actually expected this answer. Hoping for a rework on this for the next game.
  3. I can confirm this is happening on PC aswell, usually when going from Q1 to Q2 or from Q2 to Q3. Drivers are stuck in a weird camera position and can't do anything but close the game, restart and rejoin. Personally I did not experience this issue in person so I can't fill out a report, but a lot of drivers from our league reported this. Here is a screenshot someone posted in our Discord, that's the camera view the drivers have when they are unable to do anything: We were able to reduce the frequency of the bug by waiting for the time to run out at the end of each session i
  4. Fully agree with that, but what I wrote was more of a guess. I only know the drift from Josh Idowus video, can't tell if there was more impact than I think there was. The much bigger problem in timetrial is the obviously cheated times, but that's another topic which has been going on for years now without anything done sadly. The new BB system was one of the few changes that I really enjoyed in F1 2021.
  5. I think it already was pretty harsh to the tires and I don't think anyone has ever used this in a race. Might have worked in a Quali session though and changing the tire degradation on slides as you suggested will probably have more negative side effects than positives. The main problem here seems to be the game engine and/or physics and I fear that it's not easy to fix. I get the idea behind changing the BB back to the old "system" to avoid the unrealistic drifting, but BB at 50% without locking rear wheels at any time is just as unrealistic as the slow corner drift imo. Especially
  6. I fear the same, but really hope that is not the truth since moving back to the old "50% BB always" is not really a fix. I'll wait for a confirmation from Barry here.
  7. I really hope something went wrong there and that the "fix" for the slow speed corners was not just a simple move back to the old brake balance system (if you want to call minimum brake balance all the time a system). Would be a shame, you might aswell just remove the option to adjust it then 😞
  8. I could have linked the thread instead of quoting the name of it I guess 😄 Thanks for the update, that's all I needed to know.
  9. Hi @BarryBL, Since you mentioned in the "everything that is expected to be arriving next week" thread, that 1.11 and 1.12 will be merged as a release sometime this week (estimate, got that :D). Is the issue from this thread also fixed/scheduled for the upcoming patch or is this still under investigation? Just asking since we are not sure if we can start our league race this weekend and we want to be sure that all desync issues are solved before we restart our season. Would be great to get a short feedback, thanks for all your communication here since it's the only wa
  10. Thanks a lot for the update! I don't expect to get an exact ETA, but any estimate will help our league to plan the future of our season. Looking forward to an update on this next week 🙂
  11. Since you are in a role for marketing, could you let us know why no public statement from CM was made about this issue? Only way to find out anything about the state of the game is entering this forum. All other players have no idea what the hell is going on and massive issues like this, which destroy the entire online experience for every single player, should be addressed publicly in my opinion.
  12. Desyncs have always been there, just not as bad as it is now. But to be honest I feel like some bugs are just not patched properly. An example would be the bug where your steering wheel gives a strong steer input to the right when the one-shot qualifying starts. That bug was present in the beta, patched for the release and came back after a couple of patches. To me it seems like CM is just putting band aids over the bugs and sometimes they get ripped off when a new patch is released.
  13. Same for us. We fully stopped the season until we have an update and we will still have to test things first since new bugs after patches were far too common in the past. And as sad as it is: We will be doing some events in F1 2020 to have some racing until then. It's really a shame
  14. Thanks for some more detailed information, we all really hope a fix can be released next week to somehow finish our league season without having to cut out any further tracks/race weekends. The worst thing for online leagues besides the bugs and desyncs is not knowing how to plan and finish the rest of the season since there are no ETAs. I hope the tests are successful today and we can get an ETA on the update as early as possible.
  15. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Hari

  16. Classic "Missing Tyre" Bug, crazy which kind of bugs we discover every year 🤣 Bug Reports can be posted here: https://forums.codemasters.com/forum/111-gameplay-issues-and-bugs-ta/ Make sure to read the rules first and stick to the template. Rules: Template Singleplayer: Template Multiplayer:
  17. @Timex22



    Beta Keys to be sent out soon, keep up the hype and pray with me.

    Let's hope we won't have any game breaking bugs on game release and that we will be allowed to help finding and fixing those.


  18. Excited for the Beta to go live, I really hope to get a chance this year so that we can rule out big bugs like the "early-start" bug from the 2020 game before the game will launch officially. Hype is on!
  19. @BarryBL Replicating this issue in a League Lobby with the settings posted at the top should be possible for y'all. I will give you an update after my race on sunday though, heard from some people that this issue is not happening as often as it was a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure about unranked/ranked lobbys.
  20. @jennyannem You should be able to replicate this with a League Lobby and the settings I posted at the top. We are still experiencing this issue on a regular basis, although it's not as regular as it was in the beginning. I had this issues in every race when this was posted. Right now it's happening in about 2/3 Races I would say. If I find more information that isn't in my first post yet I will provide those. If there are any more question which I didn't answer already feel free to ask me for those. My next Race is next Week on Sunday, I would be able to try things out if
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