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  1. Marlec

    Goodbye :)

    Sorry to see you go m8, wont feel quite the same around here without the Loore enforcing the Loore :) First news of lay off`s now Loore`s leaving :(  Having to watch this happen to one of favourite game devs is heart breaking :(
  2. Marlec

    Dirt 1 Steam key

    You dont need to visit that website, just use the 1.2.2 patch it gets rid of the cd check
  3. Marlec

    Dirt 1 Steam key

    Hello Dirt fans :) I own 2 disc versions of Dirt 1 but would really like a Steam version of Dirt 1 but i cannot buy them any more & cannot find 1 anywhere for love nor money. Does anyone here have a spare key maybe they dont use or want iam sure we can arrange a nice little deal :)