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  1. Can Williams get thier correct, real life suit. Right now they have a white suit with blue arrows on them, and dosent look that good. But in real life they are just white with a few blue stripes. Pretty simple and nice looking.
  2. PhantomWizzard

    Pitcoins Missing | UPDATE HERE 04/08/2020

    Phantom Wizzard - Xbox one
  3. Ever since Tuesday when it was realesed have I never got my 15k coins that was promised when buying the "Deluxe edition" I have been twittering with your cummunity team about it but never got a fix. As I'm a big fan to customisation I never get hyped when I'm driving a realative "ugly" car for my likings. If it's possible to fix this as soon as possible would that really be appredicated.
  4. PhantomWizzard

    Chat about the 2019 season

    Chat about the 2019 season and what could of been better for a good and competetive racing, also if there was good things that could of been better.