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  1. wolty

    Steering Wheel LED Lights Incorrect

    If you play on pc you can use the mod: Steering wheel lights + Realistic tires on racedepa.
  2. wolty

    Custom career mode driver lineups

    I think it is not possible, each driver has a separate erp file related to the team he is driving.
  3. wolty

    F1 2020 DLC

    By the time they bring this in, mclaren will have a different nose , if you don't play online you have mods with updated cars every race.
  4. wolty

    Ideas of featuring for F1 2020

    It's not possible , Singapore cannot be first race , Austria second in my team/career
  5. wolty

    Ideas of featuring for F1 2020

    How? In My Team? In the driver's career? Only the grand prix has this option.
  6. wolty

    About the F1 2020 career and my team calendar

    Unfortunately there is no such option and it would be something really cool.
  7. wolty

    Ideas of featuring for F1 2020

    I would like to see the possibility of creating my own F1 calendar, first race in Brazil, then Japan etc. Is it possible?
  8. wolty

    Ferrari 1000GP livery

    Use mod , it's the only way to see it in the game 🙂
  9. wolty

    End of Season Driver Transfers

    After second season , many transfers 🙂
  10. Hello guys , i have big problem with online in Grid 2 , i had disk format and lost save online , how to fix it? I log in to my account on racenet but in game i have 1lvl... I have linked steam account with racenet. Racenet site: Game: Please help 🙂
  11. wolty

    Grid 2 online

    Me with my friends 🙂
  12. wolty

    My team main sponsor

    Money from the main sponsor is received at the end of the season.
  13. wolty

    My team main sponsor

    No no, these are the points you need to get all season 🙂
  14. wolty

    Imported My Team logos

    There are mods, you need to edit a few files, for example, I have the Honda logo, officially it won't be available I guess 🙂
  15. wolty


    Honda F1 Racing , second season