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  1. The first time i read the post i didn't see you tried modifying the registry without restarting, the second time I did, tried it and it worked. I just used Revo uninstaller to do a clean uninstall of G Hub because it was buggy and I couldn't adjust the steering wheel degrees, and turns out G Hub just installs the registry with the wrong data in my case, gotta edit it again. Thanks for the help from your post, and good luck to anyone reading this!
  2. Did anybody find a solution? It all went wrong for me after installing Forza Horizon, I reinstalled my Windows 2 weeks ago, don't feel like doing it again, the only game that doesn't work is F1 2020. Edit: Nvm, i just made it work again 🙃
  3. FrezZyKinG

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    You can still go to your profile and edit it, just like you applied, not sure if it's gonna affect the result tho.
  4. FrezZyKinG


    Hi! My name is Robert and I'm from Romania, I love racing in general but I'm obsessed with F1, came here for the F1 2020 beta.