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  1. Yea i got the 458 spider so it is NOT compatible with pc. I returned it. Thanks all for your help.
  2. 1. I just bought a thrustmaster ferrari 458 wheel and pedal kit. When i plug it and open f1 2019, it will not let me use it. No buttons on the wheel is doing anything. 2. I dont see the version. Its f1 2019 on pc with steam. 3. I want to continue career mode as i played with a xbox controller before. 4. Its an ongoing issue. Just bought it. 5. On going issue. 6. I tried to change my keyboard binding for pedals and boutons on the wheel but no luck there. 7. Thrustmaster ferrari 458 wheel and pedals xbox version 8. No video
  3. Hi guys, i need help to setup my thrustmaster ferrari 458 xbox version on my pc to play f1 2019. So far i cannot get it to work. Is there any way? Thanks
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