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  1. Day unknown, maybe 162 but what is real and what isn’t? We are lost in our sadness. We see the red planet in front of us but it’s still too far to be reached. Fanatec released the new DD for PS and now the red planet seems even further away. We are investigated…that’all for today from my travel diary folks.
  2. It does not work. 3 pot must be connected in order to properly detect channel 2 and 3
  3. @BarryBL i can confirm that cleaning the pot do not solve the issue. Is a non-zero offset of the pot and there are no original replace in the market, they are customized and not standard 10k linear. the zero position in the pedal is not the zero resistance center. in conclusion you need a software patch to Force the clutch on the wheel as preferred method
  4. Guys, I investigated the issue because I solve and now I’m able to reproduce the issue. the main issue is the fact that when the clutch pedal is not at the zero of the potentiometer, by default the Game recognize the pedal as the clutch. That’s because there is the Missing “manual clutch assignment” option. why the zero pot issue happen? Two reasons: 1) Not original pot on the clutch 2) issue with the cable. There is one 9 pin connettore with 9 cable spliced. All cable are Twisted and scrathced and sometimes there is some crack resulting in a lost of isolation among the cha
  5. Clutch don’t drop…but bugmaster server yes! new patch new disaster
  6. Hey bud, did you see the new problem with G923 ??   Pretty sure they will fix that one before 


    How can we celebrate day 150 ?

  7. Yes but the point Is, why it is random? i mean, why sone G29 works? @BarryBL
  8. You see the light? I’m still in the tunnel! but codemaster is coming back from holiday and the music will change
  9. Ahahaha this is really funny! just a questioni from everybody…did you have original pot on the clutch?
  10. Day 147! Hammer time! I’m a bit confused about above solution as well as used/simulated hardware…
  11. Ahahahaha cinematic theme looks pretty funny! ”Clutchless” the new Marvel Superheroe I’m sure that when codemaster will be back they will find a lot of funny things reading the forum! Ops I was supposing that they read the forum…sorry guys that’s my fault!
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