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  1. The problem is that I opened the report since the first day of the beta (mid-June) and from my point of view, the compatibility with the HW should be one of the main important issue! I bought the Game with the early access and after more than 1 week I cannot run a race in manual…
  2. This should be the right place to report the issue, with the right bug report template, videos, throubleshooting etc etc but no one is answering. Something like: ok thanks we are investigated will be really appreciated since the G29 is declared as 100% compatbile with the game. @BarryBL Are you trying to solve the issue? Thanks, Marco
  3. Yes it seems that the issue is common. I have it since the beta so I suppose that it is something affecting the G29. Why we do not have an answer since the wheel soulh be 100% compatible? Also during the beta program I opened 2 bug report without any fix. Hope that now the issue will be solved.
  4. This is a recurrent “random” (i think) issue since F12019! I have also the same issue on the beta!
  5. It is not possible to star manually the race because the game does not recognize the clutch release. With automatic start, the race start properly. With manual start (both with PAD and Wheel) the car is blocked on the grid. This is an annoying issue that I have since the Beta 1 and now it is precluding the use of the game. Platform: PS4 Game-mode: All I tried the following troubleshooting: 1) Manual start with both pad and wheel connected. Not works with both pad and wheel. 2) Automatic start. Works with both pad and wheel 3) Wheel disconnected. Manual start w
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