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  1. What are you even talking about? Please all stay on topic here. This is not a general discussion about the pros and cons of the new ERS system. The thread I opened in the Gameplay Issues and Bugs section is simply about ERS Shortcuts not working in Qualifying. Nothing more nothing less. If you want to discuss the ERS system itself head over to general discussion. Thank you.
  2. Please take this to the developers @BarryBL. How can it be by design that the shortcut buttons are not working? You may say "this is a trivial issue, we'd need to implement additional code to support this functionality in Qualifying which we currently do not deem appropiate use of our developing time". That's a reasoning. But "by design", what does that even mean? You're designing shortcuts to only work in certain situations? If this is really a design decision, and not time/development related, then what is the reasoning behind this design decision? "Just turn it off with the MFD". Well, why do we have MFD shortcuts then? Let's get rid of them alltogether, we already have the MFD to manually navigate.
  3. @Mennoo22 It would be good to see an official response in an open non-beta forum as well then. It can't really be by design, because the ERS Mode shortcuts are working just fine in Training. Just not in Qualifying. It's quite bothersome for me to manually switch the mode in Qualifying since I've relied fully on shortcuts to switch in F1 2019 which I would like to continue to do in F1 2020. I mean that's why the shortcuts are there, to switch faster and reliably.
  4. 1. Detailed Description Configure a ERS Mode Increase and ERS Mode Decrease Button Shortcut in the MFD settings. Join any qualifying session and you can't use the button shortcut to switch the ERS modes from 2 Hotlap to 0 None or vice versa. If you are currently in the MFD menu it will switch to ERS, however it won't change the mode you're in. You can only manually switch the ERS mode via the navigation buttons/joystick (whatever you have) but not via a configured shortcut. The ERS Mode Increase/Decrease shortcut is working just fine in Training sessions, just not in Qualifying. 2. Game Version 1.03 / Steam 3. Affected Game-modes Any game mode with Qualifying is affected. 4. Replication tries and steps Replicated multiple times. Also every single member of my league who tried it has the same problem indicating it's not a system/configuration/controller type issue but a bug. Replication Steps: Configure ERS Mode Increase/Decrease Shortcuts in the MFD Shortcuts menu Join any game mode with Qualifying (e.g. Grand Prix, Multiplayer) Press the ERS Mode Increase/Decrease Button ERS Mode is not beeing changed from 0 to 2 or 2 to 0 5. Troubleshooting Attempts I've tried resetting the Control & Calibration Scheme to default and also switching from wheel to keyboard. 6. Used Peripherals CSL Elite F1 Esports Wheel (Elite v. 1.1 Base) & also tried using a keyboard. 6. Screenshots/Video Video (length 10 seconds): https://streamable.com/f8sajy
  5. A 25.8GB update has been pushed now since roughly UTC 16:55:
  6. @relampagopt You can still hope for a preload of the Day One Patch. AFAIK Steam does support that and other games have done that before.
  7. FYI, preload on Steam is now available (since 16:00 UTC).
  8. Wiidesire

    F1 2020 pre download steam

    Xbox Preload has started today already (27th June). Download size 42.9GB. PS4 - 5th July. Looks like 4th or 5th July for Steam is getting likely.
  9. Wiidesire

    F1 2020 pre download steam

    I'm in the fortunate situation to have a 1000 Mbit/s connection (Download). I remember having to download games with a 6 Mbit/s connection, it was a pain. I just checked and for F1 2019, preload was available roughly 60 hours (2 1/2 days) before the release of the Legends Edition. Obviously it won't be exactly the same for F1 2020, but potentially the preload for the Schumacher Edition could begin on Saturday (4th July).
  10. Wiidesire

    F1® 2020 | BETA Week 3 Testing News

    There must have been another error because sadly it appears I'm not on that list 😞
  11. Wiidesire

    F1® 2020 | BETA Week 3 Testing News

    @Exodium 😉
  12. Wiidesire

    F1® 2020 | BETA Week 3 Testing News

    Congratulations to anybody who got in, I hope you all take your testing role seriously. Any lobby host change problems, start light desyncs, spectator full RPM, wrong/delayed lobby status and other online bugs will hopefully be properly reported (if they still exist) and missing features like more lobby browser filters (e.g. map, F1/F2, distance) are requested in your feedbacks (if not implemented yet).
  13. @UP100 It's ok, I only lost around 5 seconds and took no damage. The game set me on a worse Soft - Medium strategy in the Feature race anyway, Flash-224 was lucky to get the faster Medium - Soft tires 😉
  14. Sadly I was bumped from behind a couple of times at the start of the Feature race which lost me a lot of time and positions. Managed to get through eventually but @Flash-224 was already too far ahead. The battle at the Sprint Race between @Flash-224 and me was awesome though. Here is the fight: https://streamable.com/hl3q7n In the following are the results. Qualifying: Feature Race: Sprint Race: @BarryBL were you crashed out both times or did you seal your own fate? 😄
  15. @BarryBL Will there be a One-Shot Qualifying and are custom setups allowed? edit: Also F2 2018 or 2019 cars? Regardless, sounds fun, I'll try to be fast enough to join😊