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  1. Gudger1986

    Get rid of interviews after race

    Don't know what others think but i hate them. Same questions over and over, and asking me about when i was in a collision and hit the wall when i didn't.. multiple times i got asked the same question in the same interview, once 3 times. It's really repetitive.
  2. This has been my main issue for a long time, and it's getting worse with every game, this year the glare is really high. So I'm sure i am not the only one who has problems with their eyes. The glare in these games hurts my eyes and makes them sting. This year the glare is so high that the racing line becomes invisible. If we can't get an option to fix this then let us change the weather in career, tbh I can't believe we still can't do that, i love it when it's overcast or dark as i can play without issues, but sunny and it's painful and unenjoyable. I've played well over 1000 games on PS3/4 and F1 games are the only games i have this issue with.
  3. When it first stuttered on my PS4 Pro i was worried, but it only did it on the very first corner of my first race, never did it again.
  4. Gudger1986

    Can't believe how terrible the Multiplayer still is!

    Well according to the notes it's fixed non of the big issues, and all it's done is reduced 1 of the ones i mentioned.
  5. Not surprised they didn't fix this, game looks awful, had to put the gamma way down. Worst looking F1 this gen.
  6. I've played every F1 game and I'm just sick of the multiplayer just getting reskinned ever year with 0 fixes! F1 2017-18-19-20 all have the same issue which is broken lobbies.... Endless loading, race won't start, waiting for players, lost connection, thrown into spectator mode. And I can't believe we still can't filter unranked games. It's become same game same issue every year. Very poor and lazy imo. The F1 online need a complete rework imo.
  7. Gudger1986

    F1 2018 error CP7

    This is doing my head in, why am i getting this error on PS4!? My speeds are 350up 22down. No errors in the router, nobody else using my net. I'm trying to get the level 25 trophy but can't due to this!
  8. Gudger1986

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Hopefully will get picked and get a feel for the game, when it comes out i will be going for the platinum trophy on PS4 and be one of the few to have the platinum trophy for all 11 F1 games on PS3/4.