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  1. Hello, Please write a complete Bug Report: And please do not write a bug report 3 times. If they write a whole, as BarryBL had described it, they will also be helped. thanks
  2. Hello, please write a complete Bug Report:
  3. Please write a complete Bug Report
  4. The BETA is not there to have the greatest fun with the new F1 game. You help Codemasters to find bugs and thus make the game better, so that everyone on Realese Day will have a lot of fun with the game and get a very bug-free game. And if you are a beta tester you can help make the game better, you can report bugs that you have found so that they are not in the full version.
  5. The best single player mode in F1
  6. Oh yes, I like the My Team mode. Even really, really happy. You can create your own team, which I've wanted for a long time. You can run it yourself, upgrade significantly, choose your second driver, closely monitor the development of your car and much more. You can see your team starting from scratch and eventually becoming one of the best cars in the field. It's super exciting and just nic
  7. Because if Gene Haas doesn't see any success, then he doesn't feel like wasting money anymore. And mazepin's father gives coal, not everything, of course. Haas can't afford to fire Mazepin. That would be stupid.
  8. I don't think Haas Mazepin will fire because his father Dmitri is one of the financiers, and at some point Gene Haas will turn the tap and no longer give money and so Haas would have to leave Formula 1. So I don't think Mazepin will be fired because that would be financially suboptimal.
  9. Right, good eye. But is not annoying because you actually know what it is. But actually wrong.
  10. Hello, Please follow these conditions to write a bug report:
  11. Then please uninstall the modifications.
  12. Do you want help or not? If so, please uninstall the mods.
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