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  1. - Updating Mclaren Mercedes MP4/13 (1998): Livery with "Mika" & "David" (if "West" or this Little logo with the star in front of the Mirror isn't possible) - Possibility of creating a new Team for the Career mode (choose between different car parts and upgrade them) - Historic F1 Seasons (with the respective rules, i.e. choosing between different fuel strategies) - Adding to the historic track list of itsayoke420 the old Spa circuit with the bus stop chicane
  2. FlyingHäkkinen

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    I'm not a big fan of the modern F1 and its rules. That's why I love the classic content. But since Codemasters was unable to bring McLaren Mercedes classic cars in the game, the MP4/13 is missing as well. Please bring it in 2014. Also Benetton and Jordan as well as the old Hockenheimring would be nice to see. Maybe Codemasters can even bring DLC, where you can download a whole season of the past with all the rules that you can play a whole championship of the past. In addition to that, you could bring some challenges where you have to overtake as Hamilton in the thrilling final laps of the 2008 WC to win the championship or where you have to overtake Schumacher and Zonta at once as Häkkinen in Spa 2000...