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  1. Racer6981

    DiRT: Showdown

    If I started the game soon, would I be able to get all the achievements? I noticed there are some partially unobtainable achievements over on trueachievements.com
  2. Racer6981

    [Grid] A Wheely Good Time achievement/trophy

    Got it now, 1:40,598 ouch!
  3. Racer6981

    [Grid] A Wheely Good Time achievement/trophy

    Well, I've come down to .200 tenths, very difficult this one.
  4. How is it best to get this achievement/trophy. I seem to be 3 to 4 seconds off everytime! Not an easy one to obtain, that's for sure.
  5. Racer6981

    GRID Season 3 - Arriving April 15th

    Any chance we can get ghost cars for the next update? Trying to hit the time for the Wheely Good Time achievement but always seem to be 2 seconds short. Will help to see where I can improve.
  6. Never mind, it finally unlocked.
  7. I've met the requirements for Pro Driver (currently level 51) but the achievement tracker is stuck on 96% The achievement for Race Driver is also not moving. I've removed my account from my console and hard reset, but this hasn't worked. I've got this far just playing through career mode, and am using the latest version on Xbox One. Has this happened to anyone else? Can this be fixed?