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  1. knowing codemasters? seems like to much effort for them to change anything else. Maybe they'll make the ai even quicker under sc at cota. on the other hand... theres a chance that by taking the extra time this wont be half-baked.
  2. Even still the lack of transparency on this and the fact we found out through some esports drivers who werent particuarly happy is dissapointing to say the least. For game that costs in excess of £50 I would expect at least for the option to be kept in the loop as to what was being done. Games like assetto corsa competizione and rfactor 2 manage to tell us.
  3. They have said themselves before that training the ai for a track can take almost a year on its own, therefore doing that for all the tracks would be impossible in the 2-3 months before public release. I'm not sure they really need to be retraining the ai. The ideal line should be the same. And none of this explains why not everyone gets the new handling model at the same time. that shouldnt change much at all on the ai side.
  4. As slow as they can be, im pretty sure the studio 397 team for rfactor could get work like this done quicker. I normally would protect codemasters about stuff like this with the they need to get the teams consent to change performance... but they've already given the build to esports. So this move can only be seen as a deliberate delay, what i cant figure out is why?
  5. The radio silence form codemasters on this is truly dissapointing but given their track record i'd say not entirely unexpected.
  6. Problem for me was alt+tabbing and for the OP was out of date drivers. I eventually just threw the old restart till lthe problem goes, at it.
  7. The dont alt+tab worked for me. Cheers. Its good that it works, but maybe a way to make it less temperamental needs to be worked on.
  8. Game works, but still no force feedback, ive done exactly has @cearp8858 suggested with no success, not sure what more i can do to be honest.
  9. hardware settings folder? because i havent done that and after the firmware upgrade the game no longer starts.
  10. did both, just restarted after firmware and am re-checking now
  11. Mines a bit more complicated as i'm running a few things that could cause problems but im 99% those arent the issue. Report Code:SGPR-JRKR-RRCS-GVHE Windows 11 Dev Build Steam Asus TUF B450 Motherboard, Ryzen 5 2600, GTX1660 Super Grand Prix, and Time Trial, i havent tested others Messed with controller profile etc. Old game works perfectly, installed brand new drivers.
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