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  1. smalls048

    Ray tracing confirmed for F1 2021

    Steams recommended specs are a 3060, Nvidia really made a step up in the ray tracing acceleration the cards were capable of which combined with the normal increase in performance with dlss I think it maybe achievable. Not speaking for myself here my 1660 super will definitely not capable. But given that people have the power it will be a nice feature. That being said buying a new gpu to play this game definitely won’t be an option seeing as I can sell my card now for more than I bought it for a year or 2 ago.
  2. Are the requirements on the steam page final or just placeholder? I want to know if I'm going to be better off getting it on my Xbox.
  3. smalls048

    Ray tracing confirmed for F1 2021

    I'm sorry to say I don't believe this is quite true. I believe COD BOCW went with raytraced shadows because it had a lower performance cost. But I wasn't sure so I did a bit of research. I believe the most effective method of raytracing depends on the environment and though I've struggled to find a simple comparison between the performance of all the types, I think the performance hit from shadows and reflections is roughly the same (though I remember hearing something from Digital foundry saying that COD BOCW chose shadows cause it uses less performance). If this is the case i'd love to see raytraced lighting in night races as I think this is where the games struggle most and if possible combined with reflections though most of (if not all) the night races are in deserts and puddles seem to be where RTX reflections look best. But if you ask me a better shading of the entire game that looks more realistic would improve the visuals far more than any of this and I would rather they got that right before focussing on RTX.
  4. smalls048

    Ray tracing confirmed for F1 2021

    A lot of cutscenes can be prebaked so I would imagine that it could be dynamically implemented so it is always active in cutscenes. I'm not a game developer I'm most likely wrong but that's what I think.
  5. smalls048

    F1 2021 game

    I was just looking through the Microsoft Store and the braking point DLC page may offer some more information. It looks like weber isn't returning and that there are new radio voices as well. The main page is also interesting we were wondering if consoles were also getting raytracing and it looks like that is the case. However, it's not listed under the standard or deluxe editions only within the game itself. link for those who care: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/f1-2021/9n6j02vpg635?activetab=pivot:overviewtab
  6. smalls048

    Ray tracing confirmed for F1 2021

    It may not have it at all but if PC has it I would think consoles would also get it. The Series X is equivalent to about a 2080ti Apparently but I don't know about raytracing performance. Watchdog's legion manages it so I imagine f1 would also be able to on series x, even if you lose some framerate eg 120 -> 60 but I don't know and we won't until we get official confirmation. Edit: just saw this https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/f1-2021/9n6j02vpg635?activetab=pivot:overviewtab , take a look under capabilities. It lists raytracing.
  7. smalls048

    Ray tracing confirmed for F1 2021

    I'm no expert but I'm almost certain it won't be reflections, it's just not worth the performance hit for most in racing games, I'd be less surprised if it was raytraced ambient occlusion and shadows as its much more worth it on a genre where framerate tends to be more important than details. Anyway, I'm happy to be proven wrong.
  8. smalls048

    F1 2021 game

    If I’m honest I’m not really active enough on this forum to notice it but from my experience they were more concerned about the original link to where I found it than the post I made. It was only deleted after I asked for it to be.
  9. smalls048

    F1 2021 game

    from my experience yesterday, they don't, if you are referring to the post yesterday I asked for it to be deleted as I found out the info was wrong. With that being said I wouldn't advise posting leaks as they are more often than not misleading and often completely incorrect. I wonder if @BarryBL could give us some clarity on this.
  10. smalls048

    Thrustmaster t150 pedals

    100% agree with you @Exasperated I cheaped out a while back and got a non-ffb wheel and 100% regretted it, no regrets though now with a tmx.
  11. smalls048

    Austin 100% dry race strategy?

    Might be far worse but have you considered the medium-hard. Not sure if you're starting outside the top ten or not. Otherwise, S-S-M and tyre manage for the final medium stint. I'm probably wrong though, I'm no strategist
  12. smalls048

    Thrustmaster t150 pedals

    I'm not @Exasperated but personally, I'd get the t3pa, if you want so save some money they're cheaper on eBay at around £50, if you can put up with the pedals for the rest of this year, Black Friday will have them a lot cheaper. If you're in the UK I used box.co.uk when I bought my wheel and saved like £50 on a TMX.
  13. smalls048

    Thrustmaster t150 pedals

    The t3pa set also uses progression in the brake pedal for memory which gives some feel and allows muscle memory to be built up. For sure they are not the best option but the entire set costs about as much as a fanatec clutch pedal. And anything over the included pedals is a massive upgrade. there was a solid 1-2cm of wobble in my original set.
  14. smalls048

    F1 2021 ps4 or ps5?

    Both will get it, I would follow the structure Microsoft laid out, both will get new games till 2022 when they will switch it. It all depends on how big a graphical leap codies make. F1 2020 seems to run fine on current/last gen hardware. There again I went and played black ops Cold War on my Xbox one the other day and realised just how dated the hardware was whilst struggling to be able to see what was happening (framerate not detail). When I swapped to my series x the resolution and detail were so much higher. And as @KNT2011 said they would be mad to limit who can play it. I’d imagine over the next year many more people will upgrade to the new consoles but people forget just how many Xbox one/PS4s there are still being used.
  15. smalls048

    Thrustmaster t150 pedals

    Can confirm, the t3pa pro pedals are a huge step up, my mate has been telling me for a while how good they are but for my TMX they’re just not worth the investment. For anyone on a wheel less than about £500 pounds I don’t really think they’re worth it. But there again I’ve only had a ffb wheel for a year.