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  1. They have said themselves before that training the ai for a track can take almost a year on its own, therefore doing that for all the tracks would be impossible in the 2-3 months before public release. I'm not sure they really need to be retraining the ai. The ideal line should be the same. And none of this explains why not everyone gets the new handling model at the same time. that shouldnt change much at all on the ai side.

  2. Mines a bit more complicated as i'm running a few things that could cause problems but im 99% those arent the issue.


    Windows 11 Dev Build Steam

    Asus TUF B450 Motherboard, Ryzen 5 2600, GTX1660 Super

    Grand Prix, and Time Trial, i  havent tested others

    Messed with controller profile etc. Old game works perfectly, installed brand new drivers.

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  3. I know the feeling, lets also hope f2 2021 comes before the 2022 season starts/

    Just now, Tomasslb24 said:

    Hope so, dont want to have a BIG discussion all over again about this


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  4. Ah fair enough i still had a working discount at gmg from f1 2020 preorder. I imagine they will be the same, worst case is you order it and have to get a refund, key should be delivered instantly. 

  5. 39 minutes ago, s00zster said:

    Have you received your key from Fanatical yet? I'm put off from buying because they have the release date as July 15th when it should be 13th.

    Hold on, i think i've figured this out. 2Game states that the release date of the game is actually on the 15th at 6PM cest, but they list the early access so i suspect you still get it.

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