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  1. Just come through for me, thanks for the help
  2. yep, just tried, not fixed 😭
  3. Still nothing @s00zster
  4. @BarryBL Finished verifying but still no update so same issue as @s00zster
  5. I've restarted steam, no change. Am verifying the integrity of files now.
  6. The driver stats update mail may suggest it will be added in a future update.
  7. I've restarted steam and downloaded an update to steam the first time I think. Just missing the update. Steam says I don't have a pending update for it. But I do have the major update post in steam. Sorry to be a pain.
  8. Yep, I've restarted and reconnected, can browse through the store on steam but still no update. And I can launch the game with no prompt to update.
  9. smalls048

    No f2 update

    I'm probably being stupid but I can't get the f2 update on steam.
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