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  1. The performance patch is what everyone wants and needs.
  2. This years damage causes so much understeer and the car is basically undrivable. Lime wing damage essentially ends your race this year, whereas last year in F1 2020 lime wing damage had very little effect on the car's turn in and downforce. If you had lime wing damage in F1 2020 you could easily finish the race without loosing 20seconds a lap - like this year. Perhaps as a suggestion, codies could revert the effect of damage from last year to this years game as this will definitely improve the quality and enjoyment of racing.
  3. go into time trial settings and turn the rival line off. (this is the blue line)
  4. Suggestion from myself and many others including streamers, is that the DRS beep is way too low in volume. Often the sound of the engine overpowers the beep. Many times streamers and myself are unable to hear the beep for the DRS and was wondering if you guys could introduce a settings in audio to increase the volume of the DRS beep to your preference.
  5. A detailed description of the issue. On the first downshift in ranked play there is an audio glitch - it sounds like an explosion (see video) Report Code EEHH-EJVC-DDBA-XKMG Platform? PC Game-mode? RANKED What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. RESTARTING GAME F1 2021 2021.07.15 - (1).mp4
  6. A detailed description of the issue. - playing braking point at Belgium and suddenly going up eau rouge the engine sounds cut out. the only audio i can hear is my upshift beep and jeff the engineer (see video) Report Code RKTE-DSVR-DKHC-MPMG Platform? PC Windows 10 64bit Game-mode? Braking Point What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. Turning audio off and on again in game settings. Unplugging my headset. ALSO TO NOTE THAT EVERY LAP I GO AROUND THE AUDIO COMES BACK FOR A SPLIT SECOND AT THE SAME CORNER. (see video 57secs/58secs and
  7. A detailed description of the issue - When I select a player with a custom setup and click 'load setup' it never actually loads their setup. Report Code - HAMA-CPCT-BXVX-RTMG Platform? - PC Game-mode? - TIME TRIAL What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. To counter this issue however, if i click load setup 4-5 times it will then load the setup. How do you make the problem happen? Please add a step-by-step guide here so we can replicate and get reported as quick as possible. All you have
  8. There is currently full wet conditions in time trial, but why isn't there intermediate conditions? I feel like this is such a simple thing that is being missed in the game and it should 100% be added to F1 2020, and if not to F1 2021. Adding intermediate conditions would be great for practice for league races especially for much of the community. Tell me what everyone thinks. Cheers
  9. No some people already do. It will take time for everyone accepted, to see it though.
  10. Some people have already got it, but as Barry said, there are over 10,000 applicants and it will take a while to roll out the BETA FORUM to the successful 60% + who are accepted.
  11. Make sure you have Logitech Gaming Software installed or Logitech G HUB. This solved my issue @Lance1955!
  12. I mean its too early to say really what he can do. As Riccardo, Sainz, Alonso and Tsunoda show is that it is taking along time for all the drivers that have joined a new team this year to really get up to speed. At this point all their teammates are outperforming them, but that is expected since they are all in new cars which act all in different ways in different circumstances. I think this year for all drivers (not just Perez at RB) it will take them a whole season to really build confidence and experience in their new car. I think next year is when we will see them really perfo
  13. As they have said there have been 10,000+ applicants. This is the most they have ever received, and I'm sure they were not expecting such an influx of eager beta testers. At this point the best thing is to be patient and to wait until you receive a code via email. If you are not picked you will not receive an email. I'm sure either this week, or next week codes will be sent out if that is what you are looking for @ClaawhF1 but you never know because there are so many applicants to go through!
  14. Yep you missed it . Deadline was at 3pm GMT Monday 10th May.
  15. Sorry, dont know then, you will have to talk to an admin.
  16. Try verifying the integrity of your games files in steam. Steps: 1.) From a game's library page, select > Properties. 2.) Select the Local files tab and click the Verify integrity of game files... button. 3.) Steam will verify the game's files - this process may take several minutes.
  17. aspect13

    Gulf Mclaren

    Looks great in my opinion, but doubt that codemasters will add it to the game, since its a one off livery that is making appearance in one race out of the whole season. Perhaps them adding it as a DLC is an option?
  18. Good suggestion, I would love to see F3 in the game as especially now F3 is really growing in the real world. It would be amazing aswell because there are many F3 drivers right now, having eyes locked in on F1 for the future, so adding it to the game would make a lot of sense really. Also driving a new specification of car would be great to build the player base for the F1 game in the future.
  19. Try turning on V-Sync in the graphics options. Surely it should lock the fps in the menu and movies aswell.
  20. For me this actaully doesn’t happen. Are you talking about open lobbies. when I join my league race which has 18 mins qualifying i am able to join midway Usually you will have to click ready up in the lobby ——-> go to spectators menu ——> then find a car that has an AI driver ———> then click take control. That is what works for me and everyone else that takes part in this Sunday league race.
  21. Does anyone know what engine the F1 2021 game will run, wether that is a new more advanced one from F1 2020 or will it be the same as F1 2020? And what difference will it make with a different engine?
  22. Logistical reasons, Covid reasons. It’s not as easy as you think to turn up to a country and race 300km/h cars. Formula 1 requires a lot of licensing and permission and getting all the paper works done for multiple different countries is time consuming and difficult I guess doing 2 GPS in the same country is easier for the logistics side mainly (less pollution and travel time especially now as F1 is becoming more green and eco friendly)
  23. Right. 100% agree with that. I always love a bit of criticism. The steward job would be amazing, especially now as the league racing scene is expanding exponentially. I think the ideas you stated about organising the race, deploying the SC and adding/removing penalties is great. cheers for the input!
  24. The reality is that he won’t. He’s there because of the finance he can bring in from his dad who is a multi millionaire. And also HAAS want a rookie driver who they can give time and train and improve so they can become a more successful driver for the future. If they were to kick him out (which is very unlikely) that would be a bad move from HAAS as they really need to give Nikita a good car and good skill, before taking the next steps, and to see what Nikita really has.
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