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  1. Hello, I fixed it for myself, at least for now will see it nothing will change. Right so if anyone had similar problem I give solution that worked for me. The most important thing I noticed is that first you will have screen like that: I took like 1-2minutes and after I post the commend netsh interface teredo show state Tered-Parameter again it goes like that: Many thanks for everyone that helped me during these hard fight, especially to steviejay69 and BarryBL 😉
  2. @steviejay69 after what you wrote I wonder if I need Teredo at all. Can you look at this : I also saw some comments that people had problem after release with 1.22 is it possible to somehow downgrade it ?(Maybe worth a try )
  3. @steviejay69 I tried I think all the things from the list. Have found similar one in polish forum yesterday. Unfortunately none of it worked. I would simply turn off teredo deinstall it and reinstall it, but I can't because I don't have it in devices manager. The same goes in install window: The same goes in install Nonetheless thank all for tying to help.
  4. Alright so the things is like : Everytime I switch power on I have it like : Even if I manage to make it like that through the CMD commends: I still cannot join the lobby. I think the issue is still on my side because what I found weird is that I don't have Teredo in Devices Manager: (Show hiddens included) Even when I go to add legacy device still cannot find Teredo: Do you possibly have any ideas what more can I try ?
  5. I believe that is the issue. Also everytime I switch on power there is problem with qualification of teredo. So will go in that direction. Many thanks BarryBL !
  6. Hello BarryBL, I didn't mean to be rude or something. So yeah, I am running with wired. Had played like 20 races, the problem appeared like 18.04.20. I will do as you say and check NAT.
  7. 24 hours and that's it huh? Not even 1 reply/question anything ?
  8. Hello, I have following problem. Like one week ago I started to have problem with connecting to multiplayer sessions. In ranked sessions there are no players (either 5 laps or 25%). And in unranked I got list of server but when try to connect all the time I get note that there is erro and can't join session. Before that everything was fine. When I tried to use the Geforce NOW I was able to connect to the servers. 1. There is no error code. 2. Windows 10 PC 1.22 3. Multiplayer 4. I tried to verify files, reinstall game, switch off modem for quite time. 5. Logitech driving force GT 6. Screenshots below: