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  1. If we are on the list of participants, will we receive an email with a link to the game?
  2. Thanks for the price. Now no one will buy it(those who have the opportunity will buy it)
  3. Okay. Maybe give me a link to this form or I don't know where it might be. I just reported this issue.
  4. Hi @BarryBL 1. On Thursday 30th, my friends and I rode a race in Hanoi. One of ours took off and the safety car appeared. I and the pilot in front decide to go to the pit and change tires. The game considers that we have overtaken under the yellow flag and gives a disqualification. During the race for the same problem (during the SC) several more pilots were disqualified. 2. PC 3. 1.06 4. Multiplayer - Unranked (20 pilots + 2 spectators) 5. Uhm... At least 4-5 times I see this (Yes. I see. After with this friends we try again. And result the same). 6. The game app
  5. How do we understand if we in the beta or not? Messages to email?
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